January 26, 2014

P A R T II: Peppin' Through the Forrest

top: self made, skirt, sweater, belt: thrifted, shoes: Charlotte Russe, tights: Walmart

Well, hi there folks! It's been a weeeeek! I've worked a lot and my uniform isn't that exciting to photograph ;) One of the things I hate about working is having to wear a uniform! I wear blue jeans and A black shirt everyday and it gets old. I have an interview tomorrow with a company I'd really love to work for. Fingers crossed I get it! Having two jobs will be tough, but I know it will benefit Rob and me. 

Anywho, here's another peplum I made! I originally planned on this peplum just being the polka dot fabric. But I ran out of that fabric and had to improvise. Fellow sewers: don't you hate when you do that?! I sure do. But I think the white made it really fun!

Three more tops to go, bro.


  1. I worked at michael's for about a year, that's where you're working right? The uniform was the worst part. At least you get to wear jeans. We had to wear khakis which is the worst.

  2. Sometimes I liked having a uniform at work! I never had to waste time trying to figure out what to wear for the day. Good luck with your interview!

  3. Very cute! I love the "checkerboard" effect going on with the shirt, you're right, sometimes mistakes make fun results!

    Also, I totally feel ya on the uniform thing. When I worked at starbucks and it was black on black on black everyday day and a ponytail... ick.


  4. You are my hero. My peplums have not turned out as well as yours...pretty sure we need to have a peplum lesson party.

  5. OH MY WORD! Just found your blog. Love this. I would NEVER think to put together the things you do! You're my new inspiration! And I totally wish I could sew- I'm seriously the worst!!

  6. i really think that your peplum top is cute!! with polka dots making it double cuteness...i wish i know how to sew now..gonna grab my mum to teach me some sewing lessons.

    xo josephine