January 2, 2014

Lunner Date.

sweater, pants, boots, hat: thrifted

sweater & shirt: thrifted, pants: Eddie Bauer, shoes: Converse

This is what we wore to a little lunner date. If you don't know what lunner is, it's a term I made up. It's the meal between lunch and dinner ;) We didn't get around to eating until 3 o'clock and that's not lunch and it's too early for dinner, so it required a new name. Other possible names we came up with: linner, dunch, and dinch. I figured lunner sounded the best. 

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Because I just knew you wanted to see all of our cute outfits together.


  1. you are seriously SO beautiful. I'm glad you're back! Grand Lunner outfits, folks.

  2. That hat is lovely on you!
    Happy New Year you two :)


  3. That's a cute sweater! And the dark lips look good with the monochrome outfit.

  4. Anyone ever tell you that you look great in hats? Cause you do.
    I do the same thing with words... for example, SHRESS: what you call something that is too short to be a dress and too long to be a shirt!

  5. Lovin that sweater!