April 26, 2011

Homework up the ying yang.

Dress(worn as a skirt): thrifted $4, Sweater: thrifted $5, Lace shirt: thrifted $3, Boots: thrifted $6, Belt: thrifted $1, Tights: forever21
Can I complain for a sec?
K thanks.
On top of having class all day and then devotional,
I just spent three hours in the library doing homework.
I had to come home because our home teachers are stopping by.
I then will be doing probably five more hours of homework.
Then I'll maybe go to bed. Maybe.
I'm just beyond tired.
Yay for college..

Thanks for letting me complain.
You guys are the best :)


  1. amen.
    currently blog stalking during my little study break. studied all day today. went to class. came back home just to study again. an all nighter may be happening over here.

  2. trust me when i say i feel your pain...college isn't easy, but at least you love what you're studying, right??

  3. Ohhhhh Katherine. I feel your pain. I am currently avoiding a paper by looking at your blog. I may not be going to bed tonight, either. oi.

    Ask the Duplex

  4. Homework sucks! How do you have such great luck thrifting?! I'm jealous!

  5. this is so off topic but I wanted to tell you I saw you at the Daybook party! You are just as cute in real life girl! Me and all my friends there were drooling over your cute shoes :)

    House of Shoes

  6. Aw good luck with all the homework! I'm sure all the hard work will pay off :)

    Love the skirt xo

  7. Goodness girl, so much work! Hopefully it goes by quickly, and at least you look adorable while you're doing it :)

  8. Love your boots! They're so perfect with the floral/lace combo.

    I'm sorry about all your homework :( I have to do some serious research for my classes this week, too. Good luck!

    - Lauren

  9. Boatloads of homework is a bummer! Don't let it get you down. Keep smiling!

  10. Girl, I totally understand. I've been writing papers like crazy, and next week is finals. But only a week to go! That's exciting!

  11. Your vast/amazing shoe collection... leaves me in awe a little bit.

  12. good luck with school!

    i just finished finals...AND started summer school already, so i feel for you!

    ick AND bleh.


    p.s. that purse you commented on my blog about...its supposedly from Aldo for like 35 bucks...but i can't find it. but i WANT it too haha