April 5, 2011

How mistakes are awesome.

Before Surgery:
Dress, now a skirt: thrifted $0.80, Shirt: Old Navy, Tights: Target gift, Shoes: swap meet in AZ $7
Necklace: forever21 $3.80

This skirt wasn't meant to have a zipper or a bow.
They were added to cover up mistakes.
But guess what?
I love this skirt so much more because of those mistakes.
One of my favorite quotes is: 
"The person who doesn't make mistakes is unlikely to make anything."
(sorry, don't remember who said it)
I honestly believe in that.
We become who we are by learning from our mistakes and moving forward.
This skirt is now my favorite creation due to me making mistakes.
I'm a beginner seamstress and I'm bound to make many more mistakes, but I'll embrace them and definitely learn from them.

ps; I was featured here the other day.
I'm a bad blogger and forget to mention it.
Thanks for the interview Callie :)


  1. What a transformation! I must learn how to sew.

  2. I love the cute skirts you make out of silly old things!
    It inspires me so much :]

  3. oh that's way cute! and i bet it's way funner too now that it has those details. makes it more special (:

  4. it looks really good as a skirt(= so creative!


  5. This is so cute! And the bow and zipper make it so unique--it's awesome! You have something no one else has!! Super neat! You are so crafty, lol.

  6. You are amazing! Teach me you sewing skills please!


  7. that was ingenious!
    haha I lovedd the end result!

  8. Wow! That skirt is adorable! I wish I had an eye for these kinds of things and that I could sew! Way to go!!

    amy day to day

  9. Oh MY GOODness -- you are a fantastic re-maker! I am floored. :)

  10. Adorable as always! You are a creative genius!

  11. you're so amazing and talented... love it!!!

  12. gah! whatEVER. that skirt is pure covetable...ness. or whatever. love how you styled it with dark blue tights as well. and the bow just might be my favorite part. you're adorable.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)

  13. ohhhh how cute! I love it, and the necklace is just too adorable :D

  14. I love when a fashion blog has a sweet message to it along with amazingly adorable outfits!!! You remind me of my best friend Brittany with how bubbly and creative you are :) I am pretty positive we'd be BFF's if we were ever to meet.
    Love the thrifty transformation!!


  15. You are so talented.. didn't you say you just recently started altering clothes? I can only make the waist band elastic because I don't know how to make it look nice like you do and alter it to my shape. I think you need to do a tutorial.. LOL :)

    Either way I think the skirt looks great. I need to get myself to the thrift store!

    Brittni, With Love From Michigan

  16. I absolutely LOVE this skirt! Some day I WILL learn to make cute things like this. ;)

  17. OMG, that's fabulous! You seriously make me want to pick up sewing.

    Love the outfit you put together with the end result! You always look so cute!

    Mint & Mellow (Enter my giveaway!)

  18. that's it. you need to start buying things & making them for customers. i volunteer to be the first. and of course you'll be paid because girl, your work is pay worthy. so talented.

  19. that is adorable! PLEASE post DIY tutorials!


  20. This is cute! Mistakes are what make things special, so I totally know what your talking about! :)

    And the necklace! Adorable.

  21. This is so adorable! I love it! I am about to start teaching myself to sew, so I am really excited about your creations and that you are learning too. It makes me have faith that I can do it as well! Love your outfit posts =)

  22. Soooo stinkin' cuuuuteeee! Doesn't a bow just make everything better? :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  23. I've checked out some of your other outfits. I like your style. It's really fun. :)

  24. your outfits are so cute! i just found your blog today and i'm a new follower!


  25. I'd love it if you'd tell us how you made them too, I'm a beginning seamstress as well, and I'd love to learn how you make such gorgeous masterpieces out of old clothing. :)

  26. Can I bottle you up and put you in my sewing kit so you can just create magic anytime I sew....okay wow I'm starting to sound like a creepy creepy creepy person.

  27. Wow! What a transformation. I love what you created!

  28. AH! So adorable! I absolutely am in love with the fabric and the bow. Cute!


  29. So amazing! And I agree with your quote. How are we ever to learn without mistakes? =)


  30. What an adorable skirt! I agree that the zipper and bow are what make this skirt unique -- the "mistakes" provided an opportunity to make it something even better. So cute!

  31. Girl, this is so Cute! I wish I could by this in a store - jelly belly I am!

  32. Mistakes are what make your items originals, that's what I say. You are good for a beginner. GO YOU!! Sometimes when I make mistakes in sewing or making my jewelry I'll end up making a whole new item that I would have never thought of if I had never made that mistake. So keep crafting and Happy Easter.

    Kasha Designs

  33. You are sooooo cute!!!I totally looooove your necklace and your skirt!!

    Kisseeeees :-))