April 8, 2011

Yes, I wear a skirt when I ride my bike..

 Skirt: made by me fabric thrifted $3, Sweater: Rave $20, Tank top: Target(old), Tights: Target $5, Socks: so ridiculously old, I'm talking like 2nd grade status, Shoes: forever21 gift, Belt: thrifted $1, Bike: bought from a family friend $99 ;)

Just so you guys know, I LOVE bike rides.
With a deep passion.
My dream is to have a cute bike with a basket and just ride my bike everywhere I go.

Too bad I had a flat tire today and didn't actually get to ride my bike.
I was all ready to go and then realized that my tire was in dying need of air.
My poor baby has been in the garage since Winter :(

Don't worry, I went on a walk instead with my dad.

But tomorrow, that bike has my name written allllll over it :)

I was featured here today.
Fashionista for Less

oh, ps, this outfit was totally inspired by this outfit from Totally Tessa.
She is the cutest.


  1. your skirt is really cute!I am attempting to make my first skirt, hoping it works out! I feel like its been forever since I rode my bike!


  2. Do you know that your skirt is absolutely fabulous?? Love it!
    Confession: I can't remember the last time I rode a bike. I am lazy.

  3. I can't believe you made that skirt! I was thinking as I looked at your pictures "Darling skirt! I wonder where she got it so I can steal it." and then there you go, you up and made it! WOW!

    North Meets South

  4. That neckline on you is so fabulous! You are so rockin those socks too!

  5. Biking in the skirt is perfectly acceptable when it looks that cute! Hope it gets all fixed up for spring weather soon.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  6. Why am I just discovering you??? I can't believe myself! You are FAB!!

  7. I am just popping over from Fashionista for Less. I am loving your blog! You are so cute! I wish I had a cute bike as well! I asked for one for my birthday last year and got a camera instead (not complaining! haha). I'm your newest follower. :) I'd love to have you visit my blog if you like.


  8. AHHH LOVE! Your skirt is amazing! and I feel so honored that this outfit was inspired by me. haha.


  9. How do you do that?? I feel like my skirt/dress is always flying up no matter how long the length is!

  10. i ride my bike DAILY. seriously, i just went on one. and a walk. and i went on two walks yesterday. and i'm planning on riding my bike again tonight. outside is addicting. it's like crack.

  11. You are so talented. Seriously. I can't believe some of these things that you make!


  12. Haha I've ridden my bike in a skirt too, I guess when their a modest length it's easier!! I love your skirt. So cute!!

  13. I thought I followed you a long time ago, but it turns out I did not so I fixed that today. I love coming to your blog because it makes me imagine the possibilities when I go out thrifting (my favorite activity). I wish I had confidence in myself to alter clothes like you do!

    Also, 'cause I like reading your blog, you're one of the people I selected for this blogger award/activity thing. If you had a second or two to do it, I'd love to see your answers. (:

  14. My heart swells. I too love my bike. You are braver than me though. I love my skirts, and I would never forgive my bike if it cause one staining or tearing. That and the possible panty flashing keep me in shorts during the summer.

  15. Oh, the print is just so pretty on that skirt. And your little clue socks are so adorable. I never would have thought to do something like that. I want to ride my bike! But it's so rainy and wet here (in Portland), and I'm not that hardcore.

  16. You're so cute! It's been ages since I last rode a bike. I'm not sure if I even remember how to! xo

  17. I have a skirt just like that! i love it!!

  18. Okay fist off you look super cute. Second, that is such a bummer that you couldn't go bike riding. My dream is also to have one with a basket. I hope it becomes a reality this year (my bf said it was my birthday present last year and I am still waiting-my b-day is in May :-( )
    I am glad you went on a walk thought!