April 21, 2011

Sometimes I go MIA.

(this last picture is for my roomie Kylee, thanks for taking my pictures for me today :)
Sweater: thrifted $10, Shirt: thrifted $4, Shoes: $4, Jeans: Ross $9, Headband: made by me

I know it's been a week since I've posted, but don't worry guys, I'm still here.
I just started school again and boy do I love it.

Wanna hear a cool story?
I knew you did.
So, this semester I'm taking a Fashion Merchendise class, let me just say I'm excited.
But anyway today I walk into class and sit down.
Then I sat side ways and I started talking to this girl I met the class before.
Then she goes, "Can I ask you something that's kind of weird?"
I said, "Of course."
She says, "Do you have a blog named thrifted things?"
Guys, I get embarrassed SO easily. My face got bright red and I said, "Yes, yes I do."
She was such cutie and so nice. I feel so special that she actually noticed me and knew who I was. That's the first time anyone has noitced me from my blog.

If anyone else ever recognizes me, please say hi.
I wanna be friends :)


  1. awww that's too cute! you have a follower/friends!

  2. Dang i cant wait til that happens to me lol



  3. I feel so privileged that you mentioned me on your blog! I'm so happy that I got to meet you in person and can't wait to see all of your amazing outfits!

  4. That's amazing!!! You're famous! :D

    I am currently in love with your headband and oxfords. :)

    - Caroline (keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  5. Any time someone brings up my blog in real life I. DIE. But it's still kind of exciting getting noticed from your blog!

    Freckles in April

  6. that is SO COOL! i mean SO FREAKING COOL! how weird that would be?! its funny cause i only really know you from your blog but you and soph know eachother for real... it will probably feel like i am meeting a celebrity when i finally meet you in person!


  7. love this outfit. i'm dying for that headband.

  8. Can I just say you look so adorable in these pictures? Really! And that is sooo cool that somebody recognized you, and that they approached you about it! So fun.

    amy day to day

  9. I feel so privileged to be mentioned on your blog! I'm so glad I got to meet you in person and can't wait to see your amazing style everyday...well, just on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (:

  10. oh my gosh!! That is SO cool!

  11. ok so I totally saw you on campus today I didn't think it was you so.... I'll have to say hello next time!

  12. That's awesome that you got recognized. I wonder if it will ever happen to me. But I'm nowhere near popular in any way, so probably not. Haha.

    I was wondering where you went. I checked quite a few times this week and there was never a post. It was quite sad (but I'm happy to report I got over it). Also, I love that last pose. I might even have to copy it sometime.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  13. You are so cute and remind me so much of Miley Cyrus pre-disaster days! Can you PLEASE do a tutorial for your bow headband? LOVE IT.


  14. I know how you feel! It is so weird for us when people figure us out when we are supposed to be anonymous! But then once we get over the weirdness it is really fun!

    Also, you are a doll. Just look at you! So cute.

  15. I get embarrassed easily too. How do you get past it and be outgoing at the same time? If that makes any sense please answer. By the way, my cousin Tamsyn and I was inspired (by you) to make my own blog, it's called tamsynandmarkeesfashionhouse.blogspot.com.

  16. i want to steal those cutesy shoes of yours!


    -nuff said-

    <3 AlphabetSoup Style

  17. That's so awesome! Haha, if anyone ever recognized me in real life I'd probably blush so bad!

    I love this color on you, the yellow is the best. And the headband is so adorable!

  18. That's adorable! I love that you met someone in real life through your blog :)

    Plus, your shoes are amazing.

    - Lauren

  19. If I saw you walking down the street I'd stop and list off all of your thrifted outfits that I am obsessed with..and then you'd think I'm a big creep. So maybe it is just better that I admire your creative mind from the internet.
    Like this outfit for instance...I love it!


  20. Oh my gosh! Saddle shoes.. i've been looking for some in my size!