June 15, 2011


^^^Rexburg wind again for ya^^^
dress: target, skirt (under dress) & sneaks: thrifted, white shirt: love culture, headband: made by me

So, today one of my church leaders called me and asked if I would speak at church on Sunday...
I'm reallllllly nervous.
It's not so much about being in front of people that I'm worried about.
Because honestly, I'm not scared of public speaking at all.
I'm just not quite sure what I'm going to say yet.
The topic is Family History and I'm suppose to base it off of this talk.
Anyone have any advice on what I should say??
It would be much appreciated :]

Gosh, I'm honestly so embarassing.
Maybe I should just dance instead of giving a talk...
With that face and that pose.
Whatya think?


  1. I had to give the lesson in YW last Sunday about heritage. Just say how important it is to keep records (journals, photos, etc.) for your future family, because you will be part of their family history :) I ponder this more than I should, about how my great grandchildren will perceive me and what not.

  2. I've been thinking about family history/genealogy lately too and aside from all the "usual" things one normally associates with the topic, I've actually been thinking about how someday *I* will be someone's ancestor. It makes me think about what I have done/will do in behalf of my descendants, and what I'll do that will be honorable and worth remembering. Hope that helps a little.

  3. Maybe how important Genealogy Work is, like for Baptisms for the dead and how we need to do things like such to help our Ancestors Have the choice/option to accept Heavenly Father and his Commandments. It's great to know that You are helping/giving your ancestors a chance to know Heavenly Father.Idk :P that's just wht I would say. Well, Whatever you choose to say, I know you will be Great. GoodLuck! I will b Praying for Ya

  4. You are so cute! just so you know.

    Love the layering. I am definitely going to have to steal that.

  5. Haha! I am actually going to suggest you go with the Monster pose from now on. It could be your thing. :)

  6. could you beeeeeee cuter??? nope.
    ps: I love that skirt you made a few posts down... FAB.

  7. Cute outfit! I love the dress on skirt. Talk in church? I know how you feel. Don't fret. You'll do great and you have Sister Dalton to help you out!!

  8. meet one of my biggest fears. public speaking. sheeeesh. i hate it. thank goodness i've been able to avoid speaking in sacrament meeting. and now that i've said this i won't be surprised if i get a call this month to do just that. anyways good luck girl! i'm sure you'll do a fabulous job!

  9. I love how you wore the dress and the skirt together! so clever!

    And good luck on your talk. I always get nervous when I have to give a talk....:(

    Notes She Wrote

  10. You'll do great!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes, what an honor! And I'm with Rachel....monster pose it is from now on! You're a cutie! :)

  11. Good luck friend. I;m sure you'll do great!! I love how you paired a skirt with the dress to add length, i've been wanting to do that with some stuff i have too!!

  12. Hi Katherine! My name is Danielle and I am one of your followers. I have a little bloggy called Blissful and Domestic and I am currently looking for guest bloggers. I was wondering if you would be interested. Let me know. I think it would be really fun!


  13. I always get nervous when I give a talk too. If I look up from my talk I start jumbling up words, so I have to look down all the time which is lame. lol

    Born To Be Styled

  14. Te dress and these little white sneakers are AMAZING!! Looks so great!!