June 8, 2011

Random Mustache.

like the stash? ;]
 I shaved...
skirt, sweater, belt, boots: thrifted, tank top: walmart, headband: made by me

I really want to have a mustache party.
Where everyone just dresses straight up classy, like guys wear bow ties and sweater vests and girls wear pretty dresses. Then we all can pretend we drink tea and talk in British accents, and then everyone just wears a random mustache.

Just an idea... :]

ps; you guys tired of these boots yet?
I seriously need to stop wearing them everyday of my life.


  1. I think the mustache party idea is hilarious and fantastic. Can't wait to see photos when you actually have it! Haha.

    Also, if you're really tired of these boots, please feel to send them my way, as I'm still mourning the loss of my amazing thrifted cowboy boots that warped in a flood! :(

  2. A) Mustaches are awesome. I would totally go to a mustache party.
    B) Great job on the skirt, it looks so amazing shortened!


  3. That sounds like an amazing party!

  4. Keep wearing the boots! They are awesome.
    I've been to a mustache party! It wasn't a "dress nice tea party", but we did wear fake furry mustaches, played mustache games, and ate "mustacios" and "stachews" i.e. pistacios and cashews.

  5. I actually like both looks.
    Have you seen all the fantastic stache necklaces on etsy?

  6. I'm just saying, I adore the mustache party idea, AND the boots :) No shame in wearing a favorite pair of shoes a lot...happens to me all the time :)

  7. I've wanted to have a fancy party where everyone dresses up... no one else seems to agree :/

  8. I love seeing your before and after refashions! They're awesome. And you always look so adorable. The floral print and pleats on that skirt are lovely.

    And can I be invited to your future mustache party? (;

    Mint & Mellow

  9. The boots are fantastic! you make me want to wear mine more:> I love the skirt. You make me want to do on a DI run to find dress to re-purpose. I love your blog and you are too cute! Thanks for all the project ideas and I love the party idea. Sounds rather smashing:> (insert British accent)

  10. Wow I love the mustache! HAHA! And you did a great job with the skirt! it looks amazing!

    Check out my blog for advice on fashion, health, and much much more! I post tips and advice almost everyday and posts on adorable/affordable clothes are my specialty! I'd love if you'd follow and comment! THANKS :)


  11. everyone needs a little bit of mustache. Case in Point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbfs2lYM2sQ

    Born To Be Styled

  12. The skirt redo is PERRRRRFECT. You are just adorable.

  13. i stinkin' love your blog and look forward to every time you post. i came across it a few months ago. i am excited to learn how to re-work thrift-ed clothes!
    -Très bien

  14. You know when you find those blogs and you spend HOURS looking through the archives? Yes, this is one of those blogs! You are so cute and I love all of your fashion re-do's...Inspired me to start shoppin at DI! Seriously, love your blog girl.

  15. Hello there :) I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog today, and I just spent a good long amount of time reading every post you have made... Every. Single. One. But it was definitely worth it - you are pretty much my style twin!

    P.S. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Miley Cyrus? But in a completely good way :)

  16. This skirt looks amazing in its new shortened length. I think the print was a little overpowering in the original length, but it looks perfect here!

  17. I just love how you can take a skirt from drab to fab. Be my BFF? I'll come to your mustache party!