June 2, 2011

Ice Cream.

This post was from last month, I don't know why it posted again, whooopsie :)
Shirt & Boots: thrifted, Jeggings: Ross, Headband: made by me

Ice Cream fixes everything.
I've had a grumpy week guys, I'll be honest.
The other night I went to go see my brother because I was having a bad night and just needed a hug from my big brother. 
I needed to go grocery shopping so he came along.
When we got back to my apartment, my brother helped me put away groceries and he snuck ice cream into my freezer without me even knowing.
I honestly have the best brother in the world.
It was so delicious.


  1. my brother totally did the same thing. After a horrible day..after i got off the phone with my mom, i went to take a shower. p.s. talkin to Mom+ahotshower=awesomeforcrappydays

    anyways while i was in the shower-someone cracked the door open and yelled "hey hurry up." scared the crud outta me because of the man voice.

    turns out my mom called my brother to tell him what was going on...and he ran to the store,bought me ice cream, and came over to make everything better.

    brothers ARE awesome :]

    AlphabetSoup Style

  2. I ran into a blogger on sunday! She's apparently in my YSA ward! So crazy! :) I love moments like that!

  3. loving the chambray! and i have a little brother here, too. they really are the best for cheering up gloomy days! it's hard to be sad around a brother.

  4. So I heard about your blog through a friend becuase I also love thrifted things and I have been hooked since! But I didn't know that we had any more similarities, until I saw you on campus today! I smiled at you like we were friends, I'm pretty sure you thought I was weird.

  5. Ice cream makes everything better. Having a fabulous brother AND ice cream is even better. Lovin' your chambray top!

    Ask the Duplex

  6. Ice cream solves everything! And I think I ask you this every time, but please please do a tutorial for your hair bow! It's the cutest.

  7. This post just reminded me that I have ice cream in the freezer... thanks! :)

  8. This is a great post.

    Ice cream + nice big brother + new friend = all good things!

  9. Heck yes Ice Cream solves everything! I am an ice cream fanatic! What's your favorite kind? I love Rocky Road and strawberry! But the truth is I will eat practically ANY flavor!

  10. love that denim blouse! it looks great on you ♥

    xoxo Emily

    ( Emilydorothy.blogspot.com )