August 28, 2011

Hot mama!

shirt, skirt, and belt: thrifted, shoes: the brand is ana? (don't know where she got them but they're cute right?!)

Did I ever tell you guys that I have a really cute mom?
Well, I do.
But her wardrobe has been a little boring lately.
So I asked her if I could dress her this Sunday.
And she let me.
I went shopping in her closet and while I was looking,I thought about this pin below.
This week she is letting me take apart her closet and then I'm taking her thrift store shopping for a new wardrobe.
I feel as though clothes really do have an affect on how you feel about yourself.
I'm really excited to help my mom see what fits and what works for her body.
And show her how she's a hot mama!

Anyone want me to be their personal shopper too?
I would love that :]

ps; I'm featured over HERE today.
Check it.


  1. ummm yep. sign me up for the personal shopping. i could use some major help with the thrifting. i never walk away with a good find.

  2. Wanna come to Boston and help me?! ;) I love the outfit you picked for your mom! It is so classic and lovely, I would wear it in a heartbeat. And she is one hot mama! ;)

  3. Oh my heck! What a cutie! haha! She looks goooood,you did well (:
    Be my personal shopper,pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love all your clothes.

    PS: Today I totally wore a skirt I thrifted from Savers. Then I took it apart to make my size... you'll have to scroll down but ya you totally inspired me (:

  4. Niiiice! I love your Mom's energy!!

    It's so cute that you are helping her getting her wardrobe organized, such a sweet daughter!

    The outfit is super lovely :)

    Virginie ♥

  5. i did that with my mom last summer. 30 pieces thrifted for $100!

  6. This is great! Hot mama is right! :)

    I just cleaned out my closet this weekend, and my mom was happy to take some of my giveaways!

    Can't wait to see more mama outfits!

  7. This is so cute and nice!

    She looks great! I hope you blog more about it!

  8. I was totally going to ask you to be my personal shopper like a week ago when I didn't know what to buy at F21 :) you've got talent girl! xx

  9. Great work dressing your mom! My sister and I used to do this all the time. I'll never forget when we got our mom into bootcut jeans :) Also, ana is a JCPenney brand. Just FYI. :)

  10. Your mom is too cute. Love the outfit!