August 12, 2011

Overalls are not just for farmers. Or kids.

My dad told me I needed to take pictures by this bush. There you go pops.
overalls, sandals, purse: thrifted, shirt: my mom's, bow:made by me

These overalls were originally long, but I cut them off and made the shorter!
I really like them and they're comfy.
My grandma hates when people who aren't farmers wear overalls.
This one for you grammy ;]

I went grocery shopping in this little number and I'm making dinner for my fam tonight!
Domestic goddess in training.
Ohhh, yup.


  1. I love it! I've wanted overalls for a long time but couldn't find any modestly short ones. I didn't even think to cut some off! Der. Haha!

  2. OH my goodness.... you look so cute! Seriously, great job pulling off the overalls! And your hair, with that bow...darling!

  3. I must say, I've always thought overalls were the worst thing since toe fungus, however I love this outfit!! It's so cute.

  4. I love overalls! I think they are so cute! You rocked them.

    Question,though... aren't they against the honor code to wear on campus at the BYU schools?? I think I heard that,but I don't know why! Do you know?? I can't remember..

  5. On days when I don't feel so cute, I'll know it's because you used it all up! ;) You're ADORBS!

  6. Hope the dinner turns out!! You are so cute. I haven't worn overalls in sooo long! You have inspired me to find some!

  7. Aw your hair looks so cute :) Hope your dinner went well :)

  8. Yep, you definitely rocked the overalls! Good call on cuffing them up a bit! How cute that your dad wanted a picture of you by the bushes! =P I wonder what makes overalls so good for farming...I never thought about that!