August 5, 2011


This outfit looks way better in person.
shorts, belt, shoes: thrifted, shirt: walmart

I got my hair cut.
Whatya think?
I like bangs a lot, but I'm unsure if I can really pull them off.

I got dressed for really no reason today.
I'm sitting on my bed just reading.
It's quite peachy if you ask me :]
I got this book (The Brothers by Chris Stewart) a couple years ago and got half way through and never finished.
I restarted it today and I already love it!
Can I share a quote with you guys real fast?

"The great ones may fall. The wicked can change. The weak and the foolish can become the strongest of all."

I just liked that.

Have a fun weekend :]


  1. Love the bangs, love the hair in general, love the quote. :)

  2. You look so adult like and cute!
    I think you pull off bangs very well!
    Great quote!

  3. I think the bangs look wonderful on you!
    And sometimes it's fun just to get dressed for the sake of getting dressed, without going anywhere :)

  4. That top is super cute! I can't believe it's from Walmart! I like your bangs too!

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  5. the bangs are fab. you can rock them for sure.

  6. I love your bangs!
    Also, you were in my dream last night. Awkward? Yes.
    I just remember I was looking out a window and I saw you and I was like, "that's the girl from Thrifted Things!!!"

  7. Oh no :( I want my bangs to look like that! Boo!

    I love your blouse, and your shoes. Super adorable :)

  8. such cute bangs. for real. also I love the outfit, and I too CANNOT believe it comes from walmart! nice score!


  9. Girl, you always look cute. Especially for having no where to go. My reading days usually just consist of me staying in bed wearing PJs.

  10. I love the perky vibe I get from your writing. You don't have to say a lot, but just the tone and even the pictures say it all.

    Those shorts look so comfy. Most of my shorts tend to be too short to the point that they're deemed okay to go to the park with but...I guess not to church. You look fabulous, girl. And high five for almost-entirely-thrifted outfits! :)

  11. I think the bangs are totally cute! You can definitely pull them off - no sweat :)