December 28, 2012


sweater & shoes: thrifted, pants: charlotte russe

I appreciate honesty. I'd rather a person just be honest than fake it. I said some things yesterday that I probably shouldn't have and I ended up hurting some feelings. I have a big heart and I hate hurting others. I'm okay with admitting that I'm wrong and I don't mind saying that. But I don't apologizing for being honest. I probably should have just handled it in a different way but this life is all about learning and growing and becoming your best self. I missed the mark yesterday--and that's okay. I'll mature and do better. I sometimes forget that others read my blog and I need to do better of watching my words. Lesson learned.


  1. Now I'm curious as to what you wrote! Well said, though. I think people naturally don't want to hurt others which prevents them from being completely honest,especially with people they love or like. But I do agree with you. And I like your red skinnies, by the way. -Jessica L

  2. honesty is one of the hardest things to learn to balance. But it is really one of my most followed rules in life. Being anything but honest can lead to so so so many unnecessary problems that I think it's worth the occasional slip up to live an honest life overall.


  3. 1) your blog is super adorable. 2) you're giving me separation anxiety from by bangs. i've been trying to grow them out but yours are so cute i'm tempted to grab scissors and bring them back STAT. and 3) i really do believe that honesty is the best policy, it's just a matter of learning exactly how to be honest without being too harsh and that's something that i still haven't quite figured out how to do.. but i think everyone just has to learn that through time. :) have a happy new year!

  4. Honesty is always a good thing, but sometimes it takes tactfulness to avoid hurting peoples' feelings. I'm no expert at that, so I usually just stick with expressing positive things. Haha! I don't know what you wrote that offended someone, but you're a super sweet girl and I love your blog! So keep at it! :)


  5. It is challenge expressing how you have felt and experiences you have had with being open and honest in blogging. Sometimes I want to treat my blog like my best friend, but I can't because it really isn't. It is hard when friends we love say hard things about us. I remember your other posts how you often feel left out. I know the feeling too well! Sometimes it is hard too because I feel justified in being open about people hurting me when they were being open about doing the thing that hurt me. The list goes on and on... .

    It takes a big person to say sorry or admit they are wrong though.