December 30, 2012


Her: pink blouse, polka-dot shirt, skirt, shoes(dyi HERE), sweater: old
Him: sweater: old navy, pants and shoes: burlington coat factory, tie: Italy

I'm not one to really make resolutions for New Years. I usually make too many and overwhelm myself and then just don't do them... But this coming year, I really want to make some fun goals. Rob and I both decided to make individual goals and one goal that we could do together. Rob's still deciding on one, but his first goal is learn Mandarin. Mine are to make my own clothing line and to learn Russian. Our couple resolution is to read The Book of Mormon together every night. I'm really excited for all three of my goals! I'm going to take beginning Russian on campus probably in the spring and Rob already knows Russian so he can be my tutor :) Anybody have some fun resolutions!? Tell me. I wanna hear um.


  1. You two are so precious, I LOVE your outfit - those shoes look really special! Ouu I like that your resolutions are FUN! I Tend to not make new years resolutions and instead do them birthday by birthday. Don't know why that works for me, haha!


  2. I'm usually sooooo bad at making resolutions! But I think I'll strive to spend less money on clothing this year... Sometimes it gets out of hand!
    Good luck with Russian! And the clothing line!!

  3. Learn Russian?! That's awesome... good luck! I've never learned another language (besides japanese but i learned that as kid) so best of luck! your hair looks amazing btw and i like rob's sweater!

  4. Ummm, jealous of his language skills, for real. And that you are blessed enough to have someone who can help you learn the language!

    I didn't do "resolutions" this year--I never do. But I'm doing a project each month this year, starting with journaling every day in January. This way I can do things I've been wanting to try or get better at. I'll be blogging about my progress throughout the year to keep me accountable. Let us know how your resolutions are coming! I'd absolutely love to see your clothing line!

  5. My biggest resolution is to go on a mission, so maybe I'll be learning a language along with you guys! Hahaha! Reading the Book of Mormon every night by myself has brought my so many blessings, so I can only imagine the good things that come from reading as a couple. What a great resolution!!


  6. I love that you are learning Russian. That is one of my life goals, since my husband if from Russia!