January 17, 2013

1 Dress, 4 Ways: Get Comfy.

dress, sweater, boots: thrifted, leggings: free, scarf: pac sun

It's easy to think when wearing a dress that you have to actually fancy it up but truth is--comfort trumps that especially when it's winter. And especially when you live in butt cold Idaho. It was -8 degrees this morning... so obviously I have to keep warm. To dress down a dress, throw on that over sized grandpa sweater and huge scarf and call it good. Comfy and cute is what I like to call this ensemble. Check back tomorrow for another way to wear this dress!


  1. Love it! I so agree comfy is the best on cold days;)

  2. Being a Louisiana girl, I don't know how to handle cold weather. I've been bundling up lately too! (Though thankfully it doesn't get quite as cold as -8.) Love that you made a comfy look!