January 26, 2013


dress, shirt, belt, shoes: thrifted

I've never really been one to have nightmares. Growing up, I only remember a few times waking up and saying, "Crap. That was scary." But since I have been married, I've had a handful of nightmares occur... But they all involve one particular theme. What theme, you ask? It's one that probably wouldn't scare one or make you wake up crying. For me, it has though. This theme is Batman and the Joker... The last one even included Rachael and Bane. Usually I am the observer. Not even a character in my own nightmare. But they freak the crap out of me. Random? Yes.

Isn't it amazing what consumes our minds? I've always found the mind such an interesting space in our bodies. What makes our minds wander to these places and then make things that aren't that scary, scary? 


  1. I think that dreams are fascinating and I would read about them all the time when I was in middle school. For the longest time I never remembered any of my dreams. If I did remember them, they were always everyday things that could actually happen. Boring. Then I started on this medicine that made me have crazy ones and they got even more wild when I was pregnant.

  2. It's something that has always interested me, for sure.

    I don't know about you.. But Bane is scary to me! lol In the new movie, his voice creeps me out!

  3. That's ok; when I was a kid, I had the same dream about a circus train three times. What the crap is so scary about a circus with no clowns? To this day I don't know why it freaked me out so bad! Hahaha! I love your print and stripes combo, though!


  4. I had a dream about a polar bear attackin me and my husband didn't give a rat's hat! So I woke up kind of mad at him... haha

  5. oh my gosh. that sounds soooooooo terrifying. maybe subconsciously you are supposed to fight crime?

  6. LOL! That's sort of funny! There's this Christian comedian (Tim Hawkins) he does this hilarious skit about how his wife wakes up angry at him for something he did in a dream-it went something like: "Yeah honey, I'm mad at you! I had a dream that you were playing poker with a bunny, and a bear was chasing me! And you did NOTHING! It was so like something you would do! And then a unicorn saved me and I woke up..." LOL! Too funny what our minds come up with!
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  7. I remember growing up as a little girl in Texas and I would have done ANYTHING for a red pair of cowboy boots like that. EVERYBODY had a pair. =)

  8. I hope your nightmares calm down! They are no fun. :( But I have to share a nightmare that I had as a child because it also involves the Joker! I don't know where I would have seen the Joker, but apparently I did, because he worked his way into my subconscious. Anyway, I had a nightmare that I was in this big crowd, and everyone was shouting and running around and saying we had to escape because the Evil Evolver was coming. I was maybe 7, I don't know why I had ever heard the word 'evolve' to start with. But I couldn't get away fast enough, and coming toward me was this big crepe-paper monster with the Joker's head on the front-- he was the Evil Evolver! It creeped me right out, and to this day I have never watched a Batman movie because of it. The end.

  9. You are adorable, girl! Loving this style!
    xo TJ