January 23, 2013

GlassesUSA.com Review

glasses: c/o GlassesUSA.com

If you’ve been a follower of this blog for awhile, you’d know that I love me some glasses. I actually have 20/20 vision so wearing glasses is only for fashion purposes. Call me a hipster all ya want, I can take it. When GlassesUSA.com contacted me about reviewing a pair of glasses, of course I said yes!

I had a hard time just picking one pair! There are so many cute and affordable eyeglasses for any style—male or female. From prescription glasses to just fashion glasses they are your site! They also have this cool Virtual Mirror feature (picture below) where you can upload a photo of yourself and then switch out different frames to find the perfect style for your liking. It makes online shopping that much easier!

Even Sir Robert likes them. One morning after I received the glasses, I planned an outfit to go with said classes. I got dressed and when I put the glasses on Robert said:"Oh... I planned my outfit to wear those today." Cute, right? So I kindly let the handsome boy wear them. I’m a great wife ;) Obviously these glasses can be sported by both of us! Maybe you and your significant other could buy matching glasses and strut around town together.

GlassesUSA.com states:

“Besides our high quality frames and lenses, we offer:
· 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee
· A generous refer-a-friend program (You can get $30 for each first purchase a referred friend makes - and use the $30 towards your next pair of glasses)
· A Facebook page and Twitter feed with exclusive discounts for fans

Seeing properly shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a necessity. We do our best to help our customers and we take their vision needs very seriously by providing our customers with top quality lenses in the most fashionable frames available!”

Find the most current discount codes here Sales & Coupons and when you go to buy glasses take 10% off any order with the code: Blog10.

Check it out friends! And try out the virtual mirror! You can try it out below.


  1. I want these! they look really similar to the ones I already have, but these are definitely better. And please stop with your cuteness. Thanks.

  2. You look so adorable!

    Have a lovely day,