February 28, 2011

Family Room.

In time I think you will see every room in my house.
Today, it's the family room.
It was snowing today! Not trying to take pictures outside in that.
Oh, by the way, I'm speeding this up.
I want to be done with this 30/30 and I'm pretty much caught up, I just don't have time to take pictures of my outfits everyday. So for the next couple of days your going to get double time of outfits. Maybe even triple or quadruple. Yup. Fast Forward starts now.
 Shirt: forever 21 $13.50, Skirt: made by me, Shoes: Target $20, Tights: Target(little girl section) $2.99
Dress(worn as shirt): thrifted $2, Shorts: thrifted $3, Booties: thrifted $8, Tights: gift

Check back later.
I might have more photo shoots in other rooms of my house ;)


  1. Oh now THIS is darling! Really makes me want to buy shoes...(for some reason)

  2. i'm liking both outfits! great double post :)

  3. That skirt is so cute! I can't believe you made it your self.