February 22, 2011

Owl Pillow.

I don't have time to post about my outfit today.
I'm quite the little busy bee.
I have work soon, then I'm making a skirt for my friend, and then I'm spending the night with Tanner's Family :)
BUT, I made a pillow case last night and I want to show you guys because I'm in love with it.
 I know it kind of looks like a penguin, but it's suppose to be an owl...
I forgot to add buttons for the tummy... Maybe I'll add that later.
I got the idea from this post from the AMAZING Jessica from Running with Scissors.
Seriously, check out her blog. Her sewing skills blow my mind.
 I seem to be obsessed with zippers and bows these days.
Annnnd, that's where I sleep...
But doesn't it look cute on my bed!?

EEEEEEKKKK!!!! I love my new pillow :)


  1. so cute! What a great idea for a pillow, it turned out awesome. Hope your week goes ok sending off your missionary, such a happy and sad event. Good luck!

  2. that is super stinkin' cute! i know my girls would love to have a penguin, i mean Owl pillow on their beds too...


  3. It's adorable!! Have fun with Tanner's fam :)

  4. This is seriously beyond adorable!! Beyond! And so tidy! Do you make your bed everyday? I wish I did, but sad to say, I'm lazy! Thanks for sharing!! OXO

  5. OK, it's official, I.Am.Doin.This.
    I have wanted an owl pillow forEVER.
    Distant Dreamer

  6. Thank you so much for the compliment! You are the cute one though! Erin and I love your blog and have been using it as inspiration long before we decided to make our own. :)

    (Also, in case you tried following and it didn't work... The link was wrong, but it has been fixed! Haha!)

    - Caroline <3

  7. ^
    I just had to comment once I heard that you had commented! =)

    And just to agree with you and Caroline...You both are adorable and cute.

    Thank you for your inspiring blog!