February 2, 2011

A skirt made out of Grandpa's old sheets.

My grandpa brought over these old sheets to my house and when I see fabric, all I think is I can make something out of that. So I did.

Romper(worn as shirt): thrifted, $4
Skirt: made by me
Sweater: thrifted, $5
Tights: Walmart, $5
Shoes: Target, $20
Necklace: from my grandma

My posts seem to involve grandparents lately...

That skirt is the first skirt I've ever made actually.
I had to be a zipper in because I sewed the elastic wrong hehe :)
What can I say, I'm a beginner sewer, I'll get better hopefully.
I like the zipper though, so I guess it's a win.


  1. Inspired by you, I thrifted an amazing skirt, but I'm afraid of screwing it up. But I couldn't wait to wear it, so I did (see my blog day 2 of 30 for 30). It's like a graveyard of safety pins in there. I've been on the phone every day this week begging my mom to visit so she can teach me how to fix it for real.

    I'm a fan of the zipper as well. And the mix of prints.

  2. that is so super cute! The zipper adds something special to it

  3. for a beginner sewer, you did amazing! The pleats look really good, and I love the zipper better than elastic.

    And I love the color of it with the purple tights. Great pairing :)


  4. the zipper is PERFECTION! you are so freaking cute!


  5. What, this is so cute!! You are so talented girl. And these colors are great!

  6. loving your style! this 30 for 30 is fun so far :D cheers to thrifting and sewing!

  7. Katherine! First thanks for all the love on my blog you are so super sweet! Second obsessed with this skirt and the colors of this outfit you are so super cute!

  8. i LOVE the zipper- you did such a great job! i'm not exactly a sewing expert...at all. but i think it looks great! i guess if you keep at it you'll get better and better, right? :)

  9. What a great outfit and it's so cheery and unique! That's an awesome skill you have to create such a good skirt! =)

  10. Can i ask how you sewed this? like if you used a pattern?