February 4, 2011

Hands in my pockets in every picture...

I wore this outfit yesterday and took these pictures yesterday, I just didn't have time to post them and you might be seeing my day 4 outfit tonight if I have time to take pictures.
Kind of a boring outfit, but staying true to my 30!
Shirt: thrifted, $3
Sweater: thrifted, $5
Scarf(it's actually a curtain): thrifted, $1
Jeans: thrifted, $5
Shoes: thrifted, $6

Hope you enjoy how all of my pictures have my hands in my pockets and I have the same face in all of them too.

Happy Friday :)


  1. that scarf/curtain is so cute! i would've never guessed :)

  2. I don't think this outfit is boring at all! the boots make it so fun, and definetly unique. love it...maybe because it's more my style, ;)