October 2, 2012

White Hair.

shirt, jeans, shoes, bag: thrifted, headband: I made it

I found a white hair in my bangs the other day. I ran out into the living room and said: "Rob! Look! It's a white hair!" Then Rob said: "Why are you excited about that?" And I of course said :"Because it's cool." I really want white hair. I'm not scared of growing old and actually, I'm really excited to one day to have long, wavy, white hair, with wrinkles on my face, and a history of happiness behind and ahead of me. 

I've been influenced by my grandmothers so much and I hope that I can be just like them. Happy women who love (and loved rip grandma b.) their lives. So bring it on white hair! I can't wait to have my whole head covered with you.


  1. I found 1 white hair about 2 years ago. I pulled it out immediately and then I taped it into a journal. Is that weird? Because everyone I tell thinks it's super weird. Hhahaha.

  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    amen to that! i always get so upset when people don't appreciate their wrinkles and laugh lines and grey hair! not everyone gets to have white hair. I had a double lung transplant two years ago, so when I get white hair, I too will appreciate the white hair and smile...i made it!

    talk soon wild child

    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. You know, that is such a refreshing way to think about growing old! Thank you for sharing it! Also love the colored jeans and saddle shoes. Adorable!


  4. That's great to hear. It's not something you hear often enough!

  5. That makes me so happy! I can tell you love life :)

  6. That bow in your hair might be the cutest thing ever. I'm glad to hear you're not afraid of aging gracefully and embracing white hair. :)

  7. haha cute story!

    I can't believe you thrifted all that! you're a goddess

  8. That's a great attitude to have about growing older, more people should think that way! I love your outfit, so retro!

  9. you are so so so cute!

  10. This is really cute! I love the colors. :)

  11. you are so cute. :)

    i have white hairs too. and a WHOLEEEEEEEE new appreciation.

  12. Oh, I feel the same about those greys and whites. I think that age is a lovely gift. Matt and I made a sort of pact to just go grey, and never dye our hair. I'm sort of excited about it in a weird way.....

  13. Polka dots are so lovely this season!

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