October 14, 2012


sweater, dress, shoes: thrifted, glasses & tights: forever21

It is officially sweater weather, friends. I love how crisp it feel outside. I love the colors of the leaves that change all too fast. I love wearing scarves. I love holding hands in Rob's jacket pocket. Thanks for showin up fall.


  1. Your hair is perfect. I love your natural curls. It's also knitting weather!

  2. fall is just amazing. seriously, my favorite season. :D

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  3. girl i seriously want you to take me thrifting!!! you have theee best finds. do you just go to the DI?

  4. thank you for getting off of facebook! That's so rad of you. I liked you before, but now I like you even more. You and Rob are so cute together. Come back over and see us again. Even if you are thrifting in IF, call me. Hooray! for bangs and glasses!

  5. Love those glasses with your bangs :)
    Such a cute outfit too! I'm still waiting for sweater weather.