October 21, 2012

The 1920's

her: dress & jacket: thrifted, pearls: various, headband: I made it
him: vest & pants: italior.com, bowtie: I made it, shirt: gap, huge cigar: dollar tree, mustache: target

Our friend Leslie turned 25 and she threw a 1920's cocktail party (minus the alcohol ;). It was seriously so much fun! I love dressing up and the 20's is definitely a time period that I adore. I wish I could wear this headband everyday. Who doesn't love feathers and glitter? And I think Rob looks oh so dapper. Let's all just start dressing like this, k?

ps; don't forget to drop me a question HERE if ya wanna. Answers will be comin out real soon. 


  1. This is too cute. What a fun theme!

  2. Seriously, too cute!!
    Also, I would LOVE to go to a party like that! how amazing!!

  3. You are so cute! And the cigar has me cracking up. ;)

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  4. Perfect outfits for your party! ...and cute idea for Halloween costumes too! Hope you have fun :)


  5. You guys both look awesome! I have to say though, Rob looks a little bit like Charlie Chaplin with that mustache. :)

  6. AMAZING dress! Great outfit :)