August 23, 2012

Shiny Shoe Tutorial.

Step one: Buy shoes from a thrift store. These were $6. My hubs stole my shoe laces for his church shoes... Weird? Right.

Step two: I bought this Martha Stewart Glitter paint from a craft store. It was around $2 (I think). And then you just need the paint brush. I didn't use the glue. I thought I was going to. Annnd then I was too lazy to take a picture without the glue... you get the point though.

Step three: PAINT THOSE SUCKAS! It's gonna take a couple coats. Just keep applying it. I wanted mine extra shinny. 

Final step: Add some ribbon and you are done my friend! Now go have happy feet. Total cost: 9ish dollas. Pretty good, right?


  1. Ouuuu the ribbon really just MAKES it! I love how fancied up these look now!


  2. ooh a great way to spice up some old shoes-- the ones you found are perfect! 9ish dollars is good!

  3. I love DIY that are actually doable {for the non-crafty people like me} haha

    great idea, thanks :)


  4. GRAND SHOES. I would wear them all the days.

    here's my blog, I'm real new but just went on an adventure in nyc so ch-ch-ch-ch-, ch-check it out.

    Thanks dawg.