February 11, 2013

Be My Fitness Witness.

hoodie: walmart, beanie, shirt, shoes: thrifted, pants: rue 21

I'm just going to come out and say it: I have gained 20 pounds. Before I got married, weight was never an issue for me. I always ate what I wanted and I worked out occasionally but I wasn't super hard core into because to be honest, I didn't need to. I had been the same weight since 9th grade. Gaining 20 pounds has been really hard on me. I've always been pretty skinny and I'm not calling myself fat by any means, but I definitely need to get back into shape. I had to throw out so many pairs of jeans because I couldn't get them past my thighs anymore... It's emotionally damaging and I want to take control of this before it takes control over me. 

But my problem is I lack motivation. I doubt myself a lot and I just can't get myself to get off my butt and do something about it. I complain, complain, and even complain some more and I get no where (obviously). So this is where I need your help. I know there has to be someone or multiple people out there who just need someone to say: "You can do it! You're great. Keep going." I need and want someone to help me lose this weight and become happy with the body that my Father in heaven has blessed me with.

So I have a proposition. I'm going to call it "Fitness Witness" because I can't come up with a better name and really, I just need someone to hold me accountable and be my "witness." I've made a goal to do something active for 60 minutes a day. I can break it up 30 here, 30 there. I can go on a walk, do aerobics, play just dance... I can do anything that is getting my heart rate up and making me sweat for at least 60 minutes a day. I also want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months (but first, is that healthy? I don't want to die..).

For anyone who wants to join me in this challenge, here's my plan for you. You e-mail me and tell me your goals. Example: 30 minutes of working out each day and 10 pounds lost in 2 months or maybe you want to work out 4 hours a week and have a healthy diet plan or maybe you want to do the a mile a day challenge.  I dono, it's YOUR plan. You can do whatever you want. Then every Friday you e-mail me and tell me your progress and I'll keep track of it all. Then at the very end, I'll send out little "You did it! I'm so proud." little trinket. Because who doesn't like being rewarded? This way it's kind of like I'm working out with someone even though I'm really not. I want to be there for you! I want to support and maybe even challenge you.

Is anyone up for this challenge or should I just go back to eating? Email me if so! I would love for this to work. My email: thriftedthings@gmail.com. I'm excited to hear from you.


  1. i'll definitely be e-mailing you :) I love this idea, I think it's great and even through the web we can support and cheer each other on.

  2. I would be a horrible fitness witness. But I wanted to tell you I think you look great. Obviously gaining weight is always a difficult thing, and making goals to be healthy is fantastic! But really, I wouldn't even have guessed.

  3. You can do it! I would suggest doing yoga. I think it is the best way to really appreciate your body. Also the quickest way to lose weight is changing your diet. That can seem overwhelming but a good start is cutting out lots of sweets and salty foods like chips. Try and make as many meals as you can with actual ingredients rather than from a box or from the freezer. Hope your journey goes well and you fall in love with the wonderful gift that is your body. :)

  4. Such a good idea, Katherine! 10 lbs in 2 months seems like a reasonable goal although I think usually 1-2 lbs a week is what you should expect to lose if you want to keep it off.

    I've picked up running again and my motivation usually means setting a goal I know I can achieve (for instance: all I have to do is run 1 mile) I know I can do more than that but getting into the shoes and clothes is half the battle for me. Once I'm out there I know I'll go further -I just have to get out there. That's my non-authoritative advice: set reasonable goals that you know you can achieve because once you're out there you'll usually push yourself further.

  5. I hate working out. Sometimes. As much as I'd like to be a runner, I really hate running. Treadmills and elipticals make me bored and when I force myself to go to the gym because I've gained weight I feel like I'm punishing myself.

    But. I adore dancing. Ballet, swing, salsa, folk, ballroom...love. it. And I like yoga. And going for walks. And bike rides. Those things make me feel strong and pretty and proud of what my body can do.

    So if I can encourage you in any way it would be to say we all fluctuate in our weight. Find the activities that make your heart feel happy and make you feel beautiful and go at it. :)

  6. Good for you! No, you're NOT fat! But I do agree it's important to exercise, regardless of size! There are so many benefits to regular exercise!

    10 pounds in two months is a great goal! You can healthfully lose 1-2 pounds a week.
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  7. I know, it's really hard to get motivated!!! I may be emailing you sooner or later :)

  8. love this! you're awesome for committing.
    PS: any interest in racquetball?

  9. I hate working out, too! That's why I made this month Fitness February. I'm working through the Couch to 5K to get myself to move three times a week. Babysteps, but at least I'm starting somewhere! Good luck with your fitness goals!

  10. I"M SO IN.

    I have gained an undetermined amount of weight, but my clothes are all too tight.

    i have been trying to go a mile a day, but i am failing a little. lets do this.

  11. Okay Mrs. Thrifty your so stinking smart! And cute, I love this idea! However I may or may not take you up on it. Ill think about it. But your doing good girl!