February 22, 2013

Truth Be Told.

dress: thrifted, tights and shoes: target, scarf: pac sun, shirt: forever 21

-The Selena Gomez station is my favorite station on pandora right now. Who said...
-I never actually wore this outfit outside of my house. ha.
-I didn't know what "yolo" meant until a month ago. I'm a 50 year old woman trapped in a baby's body. 
-Idaho is lame and I'm not a fan. I miss you Washington! Green trees, degrees  above 25, and rain! How I miss the smell of rain. 
-I went for a run for the fist time in foreves this morning. I ended up walking more than running. Idaho and your dang thin air killing my lungs.
-Pizza bites are a food group.
-I'm bored of my clothes.

Truth be told.


  1. Target has THE BEST shoes! love those!

  2. i'm bored of my clothes too! But I wouldn't be bored of your clothes :) you have such great stuff. Have you ever thought about trying to sell some stuff on the blog that you don't want anymore? cuz, uh, i'd be all over that

  3. i listen to the selena gomez station too. it's fine.

  4. Cute outfit!
    I'm so ready for Spring! Montana isn't so warm either! ;)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Good thing you're going to school for design; you can make yourself some new clothes and not be bored! ;) And don't worry about the run. I live in AZ and I'm most likely wayyy worse! Running is just awful.

    Truth be told. :)


  6. Hehe this looks like the cuuuuuuuutest comfiest outfit! I love that dress layered over the floral shirt!


  7. Idaho is super lame! Thank you for recognizing :) Great look and I'm happy to be your newest follower!

    When Mine Became Ours

  8. super fun outfit girl! I am your newest follower. from one thrifter to another..



  9. truth be told, it's a shame you don't wear the outfit outside! haha i mean true, the most important person to "impress" lives with you but that is one dang good outfit! (and i imagine very comfy/warm in the freezingness of idaho)

    also- that's hilarious you recently found out "yolo". but here's another thing it means: 'you obviously lack originality' haha that's my favorite version of it at least.


  10. As far as I'm concerned, Yolo is a county in California and nothing more. I'm happy leaving it that way!