February 19, 2013

It's Okay.

shirt: thrifted, pants: rue 21, vest: I made it, boots: charlotte russe

Tonight, I had a mini-meltdown. We're all allowed to have one once a month, right? (Nod your head yes). My self-esteem has kind of been in the bunkers lately. I feel low for some reason and I'm not exactly sure why. Rob asked tonight, "You okay?" and instead of saying, "I'm fine" (which is my go-to answer) I said: "No." We laid down on the couch and we talked. "I suck." "No you don't, you're great." "I'm not motivated and I want to do things but I'm lazy." "I still think you're great." "Will you play Just Dance with me tonight?" "Of course." blah blah blah we kiss a little and I'm good again. 

I'm a woman and I definitely have insecurities and doubts and stupid hormones but it's okay. It's okay to cry sometimes for stupid reasons. It's okay to be lazy sometimes. It's okay to eat three cookies. It's okay. I'm a good person and I'll work through this rut I'm going through. And if I need to cry a little to get things off my chest, then fine, it's okay to. I can get through hard times and just be okay.


  1. girl. i am so right there with you.

    it is totally ok.

  2. Oh, girl. I can totally relate to this. I am the queen of self-esteem breakdowns. Those are the worst. Hope it gets better, beautiful lady <3

  3. LOVE your leggings! you look adorable!

    Sincerely, Lo

  4. I the queen of crying for no good reason. It's all good!

  5. First this is the cutest outfit. You look so dang cute in those pants. Second I know exactly how you are feeling. I went through THE exact same thing a year ago, like major depression. Thankfully with Heavenly Fathers help, my sweet encouraging husband and positive influence all around me I was able to get out of that long funk. One thing is for sure life is hard, but oh so worth it. I don't know you personally but i sense just through your blog how amazing, selfless, kind and beautiful you are. Don't let that mean inner voice tell you otherwise. Stay positive :)

  6. Keep your head up! We all have times like this and you are right, you WILL get through it!

  7. You really did have a GREAT hair day.

    And I was cracking up when you described your conversation between you and your husband. Mine and I have at least three of those every month. And you're so right, it is okay.

  8. Crying is the best way to relieve pent up feelings and stress. Cry it out, girl! Don't worry about being strong all the time. You're amazing no matter what!


  9. Hey, cute girl. Sorry you've been feeling down, but you really are the greatest.
    My big bro gave me good advice. Don't fake happiness. It's good to acknowledge all emotions!
    And also I ate like eight cookies in one sitting this weekend. But they were mini! So it was only like eating four, right? But really if they were normal sized I prob still would have eaten eight.

  10. I love you Kath and I think you are AMAZING!!!

  11. aw, this post made me tear up a little. i've been feeling the same lately. i started weight watchers to get myself back on track, and you know what i did? went to taco bell after work (midnight!). now i feel like absolute poo & i feel like crying again even though it was my fault! lol

    but enough about me! i guess i needed to rant a little..

    i'm glad you're feeling better now, and your husband sounds really sweet and supportive! and you're right. it is ok, and it will be ok because you seem to have a great life going for you!

  12. I've so been there. this might be a weird question but i remember you said something about starting birth control? i went nuts when i was on the pill. gained weight and cried all the time over "little" things. just a thought and hope you feel so much better soon!!