August 25, 2010

Two for the Price of One...

I did another dress-makeover!
I totally forgot to take a before picture, so i took the fabric and tried to show you how long the dress was before:
So, use your imagination, k? :)

Get the idea?

Here is the after!!

Outfit de-de-de-details :)
Dress: thrifted, $3!! Such a steal.
Mini-cardi: birthday gift
Cowboy Boots: thrifted, $6
Clutch: thrifted, $1.99

Wanna see what I did with the extra fabric...?

Made a scarf!! :)

Outfit Details #2:
Scarf: made out of the thrifted $3 dress :)
White Tee: Walmart, pack of 5 tees, $9
Shorts: thrifted, $3
Clutch: thrifted, $1.99
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Owl Necklace: gift

Two for One Special!

My advice:

Find things that have more than one way of wearing it! I was just going to throw this fabric away, but then I though, WAIT! I can make a scarf outta that :)
Buy a long dress, cut it, make it cute, and then use the rest of the fabric to make a scarf or headband maybe?! I'll try that next!!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. oh what an eye you have! i love your style and the way you think to put things together or refashion them!

  2. That was one of my MOST stylish friends britt and she is a wardrobe stylist. Love her and she loves your style! tooooo cool.