August 29, 2010

Get it Grandma!

Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week! Why you might ask?
Because I get to wear Church Clothes!!!

Here is what I wore today:

Close up of my Grandma Sweater:

Since practically all my clothes from thrift stores, I sometimes tend to dress like a Grandma..
With all respect of course ;)


Get the Deets :)
Grandma Sweater: thrifted, $3
White V-Neck Tee: Walmart, pack of five, $9
Skirt: thrifted, $4.99
Tights: Target (little girl section, hehe) $2.99
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $2.50
Braclet: Charlotte Russe, $4

Today at Church, someone told me I looked 2 or 3 years older since I've started College!
Maybe it's the bangs?
I'll take the compliment ;)
My Advice:

Even Grandma Sweaters can be fashionable.
Maybe dig through your Granny's closet and find one for yourself!
I have a couple and you can dress them up or dress them down, either way, they are super cute!

Another picture that just turned out this way...
I think my face looks silly, hehehe!
Love it.

Happy Sunday :)


  1. Katherine...I'm so excited you started this blog. Now I get to see your cute face all the time! I'm also looking forward to seeing all of your cute outfits.
    Love you,
    Sister P