August 28, 2010

Into the Woods!

Today I went shopping with some friends.
But I decided to take pictures by the side of my house...
Which look like woods!
"Lions, Tigers, Bears! Oh my!"
Did I mention that the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies?
Just a little fun fact for you...
hehe :)
Here is what I wore:

Do you like how my hair decides to change colors?
Different lighting and maybe the flash on my camera I suppose!

Attire Deets :)
Baby Doll Dress: thrifted, $4
Sweater: H&M, $19
Scarf: thfited, $0.50
Jeans: Ross, $8
Cowboy Boots: thrifted, $6
Bag: thrifted, $2

Mix florals and stripes! It's so fun and fresh!

Wear short dresses as shirts! I always dress modest, and these days, it's hard to find a long enough dress, so why not wear it as a shirt?
Perfect solution.

Simple as that ;)


  1. I want that baby doll dress! I think I am stripe obsessed or something.

  2. just came across your blog and loooove it! can't wait to see what other inspiration i can pick up as you go!


  3. Yippee! I'm so glad you have a blog now! Following you from Sisters 4 say more is more!


  4. The babydoll dress is such an awesome find. Very cute outfit.
    Wanting to thrift really badly now.

  5. Why didn't you tell me that you started this blog??? HELLO??? Love the dress, you're such a fashionista!

  6. love the outfit and cute blog! I am always so jealous of people who can find the best pieces from thrift stores! I am never that lucky! With clothes anyway!

  7. i love this blog!! you're outfits are to die for!! i found this from sisters 4 say more is more! what thrift stores are you finding all this at?? i used to shop at thrift stores in high school at the time but i havent at all in college. i need to start it up again! you inspired me!

  8. I shop at Deseret Industries and Goodwill mostly :)