August 15, 2010

For Sophie...

My awesome cousin told me I should start a blog and show the world what I wear! So here is my take on the fashion world. I'll be posting every-so-often with photos of my lastest attire. Feel free to stop by as much as you want :)

Here is what I wore to church today:

Sorry Sophie, I know you've already seen this outfit!

Ohhh, how I love those shoes!

Outfit Details :)
dress: thrifted $4
blazer: thrifted (little boy section!) $4
belt: thrifted $1
undershirt: wet seal (from 9th grade! crazy) can't remember price :p
shoes: thrifted (from ITALY.. seriously so lucky) $6
pearls: Forever 21 around $4, other set from my g-ma
headband: wetseal $2 

My advice:

Wear what makes you happy! My mom thinks half of the things I pick up from thrift stores are ugly until she sees how I put them together. Buy what you like and wear it the way YOU want to :)
There's my two cents.
Happy Sunday!

ps. excuse my hair please.. it would not work today!


  1. You look so cute with your hair pulled back and I of course don't mind seeing that fabulous outfit again! I can't WAIT to see all the cool stuff you are going to put on this blog. This means you can keep inspiring me even though you will live in Idaho!!

  2. so excited about your new blog! i can't wait to see what you wear next!

    ~selina (sis#1)

  3. sophie, make sure you check your mail in the next couple of days! i sent you something :)

    awh thanks selina!!