July 12, 2012

I'm on a roof.

vest & shoes: thrifted, shirt: walmart, skirt: store in ogden, ut 

Oh, and here I am again with this little vest. I just can't help myself! I love it. Maybe a little too much.   

Welp. This week has been caaaaaarazay. To the max. I did get two papers done today! Boo-yah! But sewing: 1, me: 0. I still have four sewing projects to get done by Tuesday. And then onto the beautiful state of Washington for two-ish weeks! Bonus: ALL of my sibs will be there! And their spouses! It's gonna be a fanfrickintastic time. I AM SO EXCITED! I'm about to pee my pants. 


  1. YOU ARE THE CUTEST EVER. I love that skirt.

  2. You are adorable! And so is this outfit. I have an obsession with my denim yest as well. It doesn't help that they go with EVERYTHING! Best of luck getting all your projects finished!


  3. I like the roof! Really cool location! and seriously can't get over your hair and vest!

  4. Kathy...haha I really think that bottom picture of you is SOOO super cute! Where are you guys living?

  5. the vest is so versatile, definitely growing on me. Have so much fun in Washington, my husband is from Issaquah, just outside of Seattle.