July 5, 2012

Sometimes I look like a child...

shirt,belt,shoes: thrifted, pants: hubs bought um for me

I look straight up 12 years old in this picture. Awesome. I get comments on how young I look ALL the time. I was in a bishop's interview a couple weeks ago and he goes: "Is this your first semester?" "Uh, no. This is my fifth..." "Oh...." It happens.

Thanks for all the advice on my last post! I think I've narrowed my weight gain to a couple things. Number one: I don't drink water. I just really don't like the taste. It bores me. But I've been trying to drink more! Number two: Maybe my birth control? I know a tooooon of people who have gained weight because of that.

I can't really control the whole birth control thing so I'll just live with it. I can drink more water. And I already walk everywhere. So, hopefully drinking more water and maybe walking faster will help me shed some pounds... and maybe this summer I can fit in some working out. It's just not happening in the next three weeks. Too much school. Sorry, gym.


  1. I'd go with birth control! It happened to my sister and a lot of people I know. Maybe get a different kind?
    And flavor your water. Add some lemon juice to it or get some MIO flavorings or crystal light. I personally don't like those, but my husband does.

  2. I get all sorts of comments about how young I look. It's ANNOYING, right?? People already assume that I'm 16 or 17, so when I tell them that I'm 22 and married, they crap their pants!

    I think the pill was the reason I had started to gain weight, too. Evil little pill.

  3. I had a horrible reaction to birth control. I gained two inches in my waist from bloating, a dress size, and fifteen pounds in a month. Besides that? I was an emotional wreck. I found one kind (nuvaring) where I did not gain weight, but I was still pretty emotional. We decided to use non-hormone bc and use two kinds. We were freaked out because we thought we might get pregnant, but it has been a year and everything has been fine. Hope that is helpful and not too much info.

  4. Hehhe I just did a post with an outfit that made me feel like a little kid, it happppppens, as you said haha!

    Sounds like a good plan for the weight stuff, though really I don't think it would take much for you to fitten up again it's not like you've gained much at all - I bet you're the only one that notices (and maybe your mother, mothers tend to notice anything negative about one's physique, acne, weight, etc. etc. sigh!)


  5. ya a lady at the craft store thought i was 16 -_- i feel your pain haha LOVE the hair btw

  6. Slice up some fresh fruit and put it in a pitcher of water ... it adds a little flavor without adding sugar/calories! We do this with oranges and strawberries in our house. It makes all the difference!

  7. Betcha anything it's the birth control. I went on Loestrin for a while and it made me gain weight like crazy! Not to mention it made me a legit lunatic emotionally. I'm normally a really quiet, pretty sweet person, but when I was on Loestrin I was angry all the time. Then I switched to Gianvi (a generic for Yaz) and I immediately lost all the weight I'd gained and went back to my usual personality. I know it's a pain to experiment with pills until you find the one that works for you, but it's so worth it!

    If water bores you, try herbal iced tea! It's not caffeinated, so you don't end up losing all the water you get from the tea.

    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  8. I agree with Julie I went on BC and gained extra weight but I changed mine from loestrin to nuva ring. Your body absorbs it differently and its clinically proven to help women lose and not gain weight from it. Because any BC I went on I gained a lot of weight and my mood was all over the place, Im surprised my husband still married me lol

    For the water MIO or crystal light helps out a lot for the water bore!


  9. O man I always get comments on how I look so young! And I love that you said you look like your twelve because I am constantly saying I look twelve. Why is that age just the perfect description for how young I look. I don't know.

    Also birth control sucks I swear I gained weight on it.

  10. I LOVE your braid and your pants! REALLY cute.

    and I know what you mean about not loving the taste of water-- I usually just make myself drink it, but some days the only way I drink it is with MIO or Crystal light! They make to-go packs taht are perfect for adding to a bottle of water! Or sometimes just squeezing a bit of lemon in water really makes it much more enjoyable! Good luck!

    My friend has had the same problem with BC, I hope you get it cleared up. I think you look GREAT by the way!

  11. I love your yellow pants! Maybe I should get my own pair :) and I really like your braid too! So cute :)

  12. I totally understand how you feel--on both accounts! People always assume I'm about 14, so it really shocks them when I tell them that I'm married. I haven't so much noticed weight gain (the only time I step on a scale is at the doctor) as much as my hips growing! I've had to get rid of some really cute skirts because they just don't fit right anymore!