July 2, 2012

10 pounds.

dress&belt: thrifted, shirt: walmart, shoes: asos

I've gained 10 pounds since I've been married. It's the most depressing thing in the world not being able to fir into your jeans anymore.. thunder thighs, how i loath you. I wanna work out and be my normal size again, but who has the time? I don't know how all you excercise people do it! I have too much on my plate and I can't find time for the gym. I've never really struggled with weight before but I can definitely tell that I've gain weight. I can see it in the picture above.

You ladies have any ideas?! I need to do something.


  1. I feel your pain! I've gained about 20 lbs since I moved in with my now husband...2-3 years ago. It's harder as you get older to lose weight too--I hear it's all about portion control, and maybe you guys could go for walks after dinner or something? I don't know--you look gorgeous though-don't sweat it!

  2. I thought I didn't have time to run. I was always on the go, and I thought people who told me that they have time were crazy. I realized that it just wasn't my priority to run. For a week, every time I wanted to say ' I don't have time to do ____,' I would replace it with 'It's not my priority to ____"

    It really helped. I now run about 9 miles a week, and I still manage to have time to get everything done!! And, just for the record, you still look amazing. I love your outfit. Especially those t-strap mary janes and that adorable headband.

  3. find a partner (me?) and track your progress together - also there are apps that help you track what you eat if you have a smart phone

  4. You really don't look bad. :) I just got married too, and to avoid gaining the marriage weight, my husband and I signed up to run a half marathon this fall. We're both starting at zero, so its taking some serious training, but its really fun to run together. (Plus, I would never be motivated enough on my own.) I'm loving it!

  5. Exercise is something you have to MAKE time for, or else you will never go! (because no WANTS to work out, right??? i know i don't!!) try going to a zumba class! its soooo fun, and a great workout. that hour just flies by!

  6. i still think you are a babe. I know you can tell... but honestly i can't!

    I had the same thing happen to me when i got married. the trick for me was a pedometer and drinking only water.

    I never thought just getting 10,000 steps and cutting soda and juice would do it but it totally did.

  7. My hubby and I have just started this: http://hundredpushups.com/

    It isn't exactly cardio ... but it is a DEFINITE challenge.

  8. a good heated yoga class. For an hour, you get a good sweat, get toned and have an hour to shut your brain off and set an intention and breathe. After the hour you can go back to the normal chaos of everyday but you will feel much more refreshed.

  9. you still look freaking beautiful girl!! so don't worry too much! I definitely gained weight in Japan and was struggling with it... but all I eat is salad and greek yogurt and granola bars right now... and i've lost 3 pounds. I don't exercise. I hate it haha. What you eat really makes a difference!!!!! Gaining weight is the worst!!!!!!!

  10. Oh, I gained 10 pounds when I got married too. I guess I just prefer snuggling than running my buns off.

    I lost it by drinking a lot of water & less sugar.

  11. Work out videos work wonders in cold winters, nightly walks too.

  12. I have been married for three years and have experienced this. Do not freak out within the past year I have lost over forty pounds from my ballooning being a married women (Im almost 25 fyi).

    Heres what I did:
    1. changed my diet drastically: by that I mean low sugar lo carb and switching from red meat to chicken and turkey. I eat more fruit than ever and started researching food that was good for you and filling. Eating snacks high in fiber will keep you fuller longer and stop unwanted snaking

    2. WATER I cannot stress this enough! Increase your water intake, and use things like bio to get out of the tasteless water slump. When you have had enough of water drink green tea. It increases your metabolism. Its tasty and great for you.

    3. Cheat once in a while! Your human if you cut out things completely you will binge and undo all of your hard work. A snickers once in a while never hurt anyone. (ps bryer's makes a lo-carb ice creme that is delis with blueberries!)

    4. Find things you love and change them to be healthier. I love to bake and i mean that! I change up the recipes to make them better for you. What I mean is splenda instead of sugar, egg whites instead of egg, smart balance butter instead of regular butter. Do not be afraid to change things up you may love the taste. Additionally smart balance peanut butter is the bomb!

    5. Any exercise is good exercise, my husband and I go on short bike rides and walks. Take the stairs constantly, park far away from the door of a store, and just stroll around thrift stores. It helps a lot :)

    6. Do not let that scale rule your life, let the clothes speak for themselves not the numbers on that devious machine. You are a beautiful girl make sure you remember that and those numbers will make you crazy.

    If you want some healthy recipes check out my pinterest board below:

    hey reach out if you need anything else!

  13. drink more water! my mom's a yoga teacher, vegan health guru and i feel like that's her answer to everything (bad skin, headaches, low energy). it helps me to carry a water bottle with me--when it's in front of my face, i drink water without thinking about it! plus it makes it easier to track how much you've had. and for what it's worth, you really & truly look fabulous (in this picture and in person)!

  14. That happened to me after we got married. I think a lot of it is because whenever Jordan is eating something I'm like, oh that looks good. I have to remind myself that I can't eat as much as my husband can. So try not to snack, if you are. Also, if you are on birth control that can be a big reason why.

  15. oh my heck. i just got married a month ago- it's ridiculous the weight gain! both mister and i realized this- so we started date night gym trips- and just to keep it fun- we try new things every time!
    the hart has great classes and racquetball courts- and you can rent equipment for FREE! what better date night then a free one!?

  16. Well you still look like a cutie!

    Most people gain weight after they're married because a) birth control and b) they're now eating full regular meals every night. There's not much you can do about birth control (talk to your doctor?) but you can easily cut out extra calories in your meals by eating out less or not at all (it'll also save your budget) and by simply cooking less elaborate meals (also saving your budget and time). The simplest meals often can have the least amount of cals (as long as it isn't mac and cheese) and you don't feel obligated to eat it all. Another trick for those who lack exercise time: fidget. Studies show fidgeters stave off weight gain even after increasing caloric intake. So in class make sure to taps your toes and when you're at home dance more around the kitchen!

  17. Well, I used to hate the gym too. I would be like, "Everyone is going to JUDGE me!" But honestly, it's not like that at all. At least not at Planet Fitness. Do you have one over there? They're super cheap!

  18. Kat, if you need anyone Im your girl, Id love to help! Im studyin this stuff, I got some experience with it too. Lemme know if you need anything!

  19. I don't have the time for the gym or anything! My job is quite active though, so I guess that helps.
    What I do is I fit it in whenever I can - if I have an extra 10 minutes to walk somewhere instead of bussing or driving? I'll walk. I do sit ups before bed and in the morning. Even something as simple as taking stairs instead of elevators or escalators, and going up the stairs really fast and speed walking and all of that, does help.

    Admittedly though I've gained weight too lately (Too much free food at work, grrr) and I need to follow my own advice more. :$


  20. Forget about the gym:}. For me, I prefer to run outdoors, because the everchanging scenery, and the thought of a tangible destination, rather than the same strip of treadmill belt repeatedly passing underneath my feet, motivated me beyond belief. In addition to that, count your calories. Soooo many agencies and companies attempt to sell you the idea that weight loss is factored by all these fanciful and scientific components, such as metabolism, carbohydrates, aminos etcetera. I'm here to tell you it's much more simplified than that. Burn more calories than you eat. Due to your small stature, just living each day will burn about 1400 calories. If you run, let's say, 2 miles a day (which will take at most about 25 minutes), that's an extra 200 burned. So, make sure you eat less than 1600. It's hard, but for me to loose weight I constrict to about 1200-1300 a day. That's the only way i've kept off the 30 pounds. And that, for me, took 2 years to loose.
    All in all, I wish you all the blessings in getting it off!
    -Bailey, ldshappyness.blogspot.com

  21. Nice dress!


  22. I was feeling this way at the beginning of the summer, and honestly, my first piece of advice is to step back and not be so hard on yourself. It's so difficult to become healthier and feel better in your body if you're busy focusing on what you think are the negatives. Changing my perspective made it easier to make more healthy decisions (and to forgive myself for the not-so-healthy-ones).

    I'd definitely recommend more water--try seltzer water with lime or lemon if you don't like water? My boyfriend and I have been planning our meals and going grocery shopping, which has helped to save money and to make better decisions when it's almost mealtime and we're tired. The decisions were already made for us, so we just have to make it! Either way, you're beautiful, but being healthier is never a bad goal :)

    My friend Ashley also does a lot of great fitness tutorials at her blog: http://comeoneileen86.blogspot.com/search/label/Get%20Fit

    Good luck!