July 9, 2012

I just really like this vest.

dress: jcrew, vest & bag: thrifted, shoes: target

This vest had become one of my favorites. It's the perfect addiction to any outfit. You will be seeing lots of this little number.

Also, one and a half weeks left of school! I'm SO EXCITED! But I'm not excited about the four sewing projects I have to do, the paper to write, and the two finals that are ahead. Wish me luck... I probably won't be around much this week or next. I'll try to pop in though...


  1. good luck with finals my dear! love this vest :) teal looks great on you, too!

  2. love this outfit! That vest is awesome!

  3. Love the dress! Such a sweet colour!! You're just a little cutie!!! I've been trying to find a denim vest for months now.. still nothing! It's erks me!

  4. Good luck!

    I've got a jean vest too, they are pretty fun :)

  5. Love jean vests. That looks great on you! I recently put studs on mine and I'm obsessed. Do it! What thrift stores to you go to here? I find myself at the D.I. a lot, but I wish there were more thrift stores around here....