July 16, 2012

3 AM Drives

skirt: I made it!! shirt: walmart, shoes and belt: thrifted

Rob and I couldn't sleep last night. Probably due to the fact we took two hour naps during the day and our apartment was ridiculously hot. Around 3 AM we decided we had enough and we needed something to drink. So off to the gas station we went! Then we decided just to drive around the little town of Rexburg. I asked Rob, "What's your favorite memory of us?" His was: the day we started dating. It really was the perfect day. I remember sitting on my couch in my apartment. Both of us just knew we wanted to be with each other. We were honest and open and held nothing back. Mine was: the first time we kissed. It was simple and sweet. We were laying in the park under the stars and it just happened--just the way I wanted it to. We then continued to name off all of our favorite memories. I love sweet, tender moments, I hold them really dear to me heart. Last night was definitely another moment to add to the books.


  1. Awe, sweet post! And girl, that skirt is so beautiful--I want one! I love long skirts and especially light-weight skirts. Love those shoes too!

  2. Beautiful skirt! I love the last ruffle! You did an amazing job! I'm always to envious of people who can sew! I've tried sewing clothes before, but I have a hard time following written instructions...did you use a pattern for the skirt, or did you come up with it on your own?
    Either way, love it!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Those are the cutest shoes! All the shoes at thrift stores I go to are disgusting.

  4. what a precious night! that sounds amazing :) i am so happy for you! also, your hair looks stunning! you should do a tutorial. i want to learn how to do it!

  5. so sweet- walks down memory lane are one of my favorites. "god gave us memories that we may have june roses in the december of our lives"- thomas s. monson, i believe.

    brooke elyse

    p.s- absolutely love that skirt. tutorial?

  6. It's fun to remember the early stages of dating. Last week I came across the emails Ryan and I sent to each other the summer before last (when we first started dating) when he was out of town for a week. The emails were so cute! and we were still finding out so much about each other ( I guess we still do). Anyway, reading through those emails reminded me of how much I loved that guy, even after only a month of dating. Aw, mushy stuff!

    I love being able to go places super late at night with Ryan too, just because we can. Gotta do that a few times before babies come :)

    Oh, and I love your hair. It seems like most people can't pull off that look, but you wear it nicely.

  7. That's a totally adorable story! It's the little things in a relationship that make it special. Your outfit is adorable, too. That's an amazing skirt you made!!

  8. 1. YOU MADE THAT SKIRT!? its soo sweet, what a pattern!

    and 2. You and Rob are the cutest. The end.


  9. wow, wow wow.. to this whole post. I am totally impressed that you made that skirt, I LOVE those shoes and your cute words melted my heart! xo

  10. Romantic!! I love your love story and I love your outfits more.Did you mentioned you made the skirt?Please,can you show us??


  11. I just thrifted the same shoes the other day! :) Love your cute skirt, wish I had the patience to sew!!

  12. hi! found you from afancyday and i know your sis-n-law chelsee way good! ok, i am in love with these shoes. if they are a size 8, i'll pay twice what you paid for them at a thrift store. which are your fav's in IF by the way?

  13. hi! found you from afancy day and i know your sis-n-law chelsee way good too! ok, LOVE these shoes. If they happen to be a size 8 and you don't wear them more that once every 6 months, I'd totally buy them for twice what you paid for them at a thrift store! so cute!