July 14, 2012

Pride and joy.

tee: walmart, pants: made by me, shoes: target 
These little babies are my pride and joy! I MADE THEM! I officially made some big girl pants, and I am one proud girl. I got the fabric from a thrift store for $4. I died over the fabric and texture. I'm about to make 59 more pairs. I was waiting for the perfect time to wear them. It was hot all day and then it cooled down and rained. Thanks weather! You gave me the chance to wear my pants. Cheers for sewing! Rob's favorite part about these pants... gives me a nice booty! Cool pic Rob...


  1. I love those pants!!! Cant believe you made them?! And those shoes are so sweet too!
    Amy xo

  2. Hey, congrats on those pants! ...and that butt! haha

  3. i cant believe you made your own pants,you domestic goddess! your hair looks fantastic btw.

  4. Holy manoly you one talented girl!! LOVE the pants!!! The colour is so perfect!!!!!!

  5. love these! Great color, and you can wear them all year! Well, except for on the really hot, humid days. You are super talented--I wish I had learned to sew. I even have a difficult time with buttons! You rock those pants I can't wait to see future projects! ♥

  6. Super adorable! I really love the pants and that color is great. So impressive that those were a home sewing project. It makes me want to try my hand at a pair of pants now. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Nuuuu way, love the colour! Also, great shoes to go with it! I'm mighty impressed, those turned out so well !!!
    Yay for bootylicious babes ;)
    I can't believe I just used the word bootylicious.... oh well.


  8. I can't believe you made those pants! They fit so well, and I LOVE the color! Great job!

  9. Hi! I just started following your blog! Cute style!
    I LOVE those pants! Was it messy to dye the pants? I'd love to do that some time!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  10. TALENTED! I don't think I will ever tackle making pants.

  11. that's amazing! I wish I could sew AT ALL. But even more than that I wish I could sew pants! High five! :)