March 11, 2011

100 Followers? Woaaah,

Shirt: forever21 $13.50, Skirt: made by me, Tights: Target gift, Booties: thrifted $8

I feel so blessed to have hit 100 followers!
I remember starting this blog and never thinking that I'd even get 10 followers.
I know I'm not the best blogger, but thanks for sticking around ;)
I'm trying to do better with opening up and posting more stories and fun things that happen in my life. Do you guys have any suggestions of what you want more of?
I'm open for any ideas!!

You guys are super great :)

I'm trying to think of a giveaway maybe?
Would you guys like that?
I was thinking about making a necklace and then giving it to one lucky lady.
Whatya guys think?
Or do you guys have a better idea?
Let me know :)


  1. Hey Katherine! I'm pretty sure I was your 100th follower :) I thought that was kind of neat. Anyways.... I really love your blog. Most of the time, I have NO money to spend on clothes so you've really shown me how to be more creative and how to thrift shop like a pro :) So thanks!

  2. Hey girl, congrats on the 100 followers! Yay! I think you're doing great at what you do :)

    PS I couldn't find your e-mail address anywhere, but I wanted to ask you something! Please e-mail me at when you have time. Thanks!

  3. i think a giveaway would be pretty suh-weet. nice thinking. (oh and i was your 100th follower) Thanks for being so awesome!

  4. Giveaway would be fun! Or DIY projects - I know I have been inspired by you for sure, like when you had one dress that you turned into a skirt and a headband! And maybe something else too.. So cool! You could do a vlog too! I love seeing blog ladies in semi 'real life'! haha :)

  5. congrats on getting 100 followers! you deserve them, your blog is awesome. i love looking at your daily outfits.

    oo yeah, looking forward to the giveaway!

  6. you're so sweet :) you totally deserve all of the followers you have and more! a necklace from you would be so cool! def do the giveaway :)

  7. I was lurking your blog (again) and I decided you should have an 'about me' page! I love learning about my favorite bloggers :D

  8. i just found your blog today. i'm in love with this cute outfit! great mix of colors. and i can't believe you made that skirt! so darling!


  9. congrats your blog is awesome!! I love all the stuff you refashion and create, so maybe tutorials or vlogs would be cool

  10. Congrats on your 100 followers!!! I am almost half way there :)

    Daisy Lynns Life&Style

  11. i'm new to the blogging world and can't wait to hit 100 too! cute blog btw!

    hosting a giveaway: