March 13, 2011

Prom Shoes.

(please excuse my room.. it's clean now:)
Dress: thrifted $6, Skirt(worn under dress): thrifted $3, Tights: forever 21 $3.80, Shoes: Macy's

See those cute shoes up there?
I wore those babies to my Senior Prom.
Wanna see my dress?
Good; because I want to show you ;)
I felt beautiful that night.
My dress was perfect.
But I actually had the worst prom experience ever.
I cried at prom people, three times actually...
I just had a horrible date and my group left after being at prom for 30 minutes.
I was home by midnight. On prom night. The night that every girl dreams of and plans her whole high school career. Sitting on my couch. Like a big loser.
But wanna hear the sweetest thing ever?
My dad stayed up until 2am and watched Juno with me.
Love this guy.
He wears socks and sandals, which I absolutely HATE.
But I let it slide, just because I love him that much.

There's a lot more to it, but I'll spare you the story.


  1. Your sewing skills are just... wow, I am so amazed! You did such a great job refashioning it!

    And omg, I had the worst prom night, too. :'( But I loved my dress! My cousin made it and I was totally in love with it (and my shoes, haha). :) So yay for that! And your dad is super sweet. :)

    - Caroline (

  2. Oh, and I mentioned you briefly in my most recent post! Just thought you'd like to know. :)

    - Caroline

  3. i love how you styled your transformed dress! and your prom dress is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Seriously girl, you have a gift for thrift!!
    And Awwwww!!! Your dad is so sweet!!
    And you did look beautiful on prom night.

  5. I love your prom dress... and you are AMAZING! That outfit you created is brilliant... with a capital B.

  6. you do look so beautiful! what an amazing dress!
    sorry your prom seems like something in hs always sucks...too bad it was your prom. :(
    and you have an awesome dad, you are so lucky!!

  7. your prom dress was amazingly beautiful!!! it looked like a red carpet dress!!!

  8. Your dad is so sweet! And I am in LOVE with you Prom dress! You look like a Hollywood Starlet!

  9. You are so amazing at sewing and creating! I'm so jealous!

    And you and the dress looked so beautiful. I'm sorry that you didn't have a fun time at prom, but you know what, there are bigger and better events later. I promise you. =)

    -Erin (

  10. I wish I was as creative as you are spicing up thrifted items! And your prom dress is GORGEOUS!!!

  11. That dress is beyond gorgeous. I would trade all four of my prom dresses for that one. I'm so jealous.

  12. Hey! My name is mad, and I just spent the last hour looking at your blog. It's so cute!!! Your hair is similar to mine and I am definitely trying your tutorial tomorrow for work. Also, I go to rexburg too! I'm on fall spring and love it there.

    And now that I have completely freaked you out, your dress is beautiful!

  13. you look so gorgeous with your prom dress... sorry about the awful experience but i love how daddy made it all better. aren't dad's the best?

  14. You prom dress is SO exciusite, You have NO idea!
    But I do love that outfit you made/created. So gorg!

  15. so cool! makes me want to give up the thrifting ban and go at it. but i won't ;)

  16. I'm a new reader of your blog... but I LOVE it! Your style is adorable! And this dress that you fixed up? Oh my word. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Wow. I am in awe.

  17. your prom dress is beautiful and your dad sounds awesome. I was wondering where you found such a nice but modest prom dress?

  18. You have some Mad sewing skillz gurl;) I am so in love with that prom dress....uhh-mayyy-zing!!

  19. Your prom dress is beautiful, what a shame the night wasn't what you planned. I love that your dad stayed up and watched Juno with you, what a sweet heart!

  20. You are amazing at recreating things -- I wish I was that talented! Want to teach me? :)

  21. haha I wouldn't even have noticed your Dad's feet, until you said that. hahahaha I love it!

    Born To Be Styled