March 10, 2011

Remember those Resolutions?

Shirt: thrifted $4, Jeans: Ross $9, Booties: thrifted $8, Belt: thrifted $1
Button down: thrifted $4, Shirt: forever21 $13.50, Skirt: thrifted $5, Belt: thrifted $1, Boots: Target $13, Tights: Target $3, Socks: Walmart

Have you guys kept up with your New Year Resolutions?
You can see mine here, if you want.

One of mine was to get acquainted and comfortable with children.
I'm kind of scared of babies.
I think it has to do with me being the youngest child and never really being around them.
But I do want to be a mom someday so I thought that that would be a good goal for me.
I want to like babies, I just get nervous..
Which is dumb because babies really don't care what you say or do, they're so loving.
But guys, I've been doing pretty good. Look at the babies I've interacted with since January!!
It's a big deal when I hold a baby, that's why there are so many pictures.
People get shocked.

Yay for resolutions :)


  1. aww congratulations!! i am keeping up with mine too!

    these babies are adorable :) and i love your outfits, too!

  2. Look at you, keeping up with your resolutions and holding babies! :D I wish I were as diligent in my resolution-keeping, haha.

    I love your outfits! I'm so envious of how easily you layer things, haha. :)

    - Caroline (

  3. You're almost done your 30/30!!!!
    I was and still am kind of afraid of babes too. Although when someone close to me had one...It became a lot easier!

    Daisylynns life&style

  4. ADORABLE outfits and babies!

  5. that's too funny but i understand! toddlers i can handle, but babies are a bit scary :)

  6. Lovely outfits :-) Hey babies can be terrifying espcially toddlers. hehe you kinda look nervous with the tiny baby but you look like you are doing great. Good job actually following through with your resolutions!


  7. Cute pics. I too have had trouble with my comfort level around babies. My best friend just had one and that changed everything. Great resolution. I'm still working on mine...eek.

    Jessica @ wrinkled dollar

  8. You remind me of my friend Brigid who told me the other day "I held a baby for the first time!" Which is funny to me, because I've been changing diapers since I was 8. I have twin nephews that are 18 months old and I being around them.

    From your pictures, I'd never be able to tell that you are uncomfortable around young'uns. Good job on keeping your resolutions.

  9. I love the striped shirt with the pinks skirt - excellent styling!

  10. OMgoodness. The last picture...
    the headband=amazing! Gah! I love it! You're so cute!

    ps. I love being LDS too, its the bomb! :)