March 3, 2011

Wishing it could stay fall.

Dress: thrifted $4, Shirt: thrifted $4, Sweater: thrifted $5, Belt: thrifted $1, Tights & Shoes: forever 21 gift
I love fall. It's my favorite season.
Winter is okay too.
Spring I can deal with it.
I'm not a huge fan of summer...
I know I'm crazy.
I just hate summer clothes. And it's hot. And I'm pale.
I would be happy with it being Fall year round.
If only... :)


  1. You are too cute! Actually, your entire blog is. :]

  2. finally, someone who feels the same way I do. :) Fall and winter are my favorite. Cool crisp autumn air, pumpkin everything, apple cider, the calm and pure beauty of snow, and playing in it, fall and winter clothes.... happiness! Spring and summer are cool too but I get grumpy when its too hot and I have a hard time feeling cute in summer clothes.

  3. Love the floral! Also, you're adorable.

    ... And that sort of, almost rhymed. :P

    - Caroline (

  4. i agree with the fall-ness. it's the best season ever. i'm sorta looking forward to summer (and by that i just mean not being cold. i can pass the rest up, oooh, cept for the bbq's, those are good too)