March 24, 2011

Oh hey Spring, I'm actually glad you're here.

Please ignore my weirdo face right here.
 Dress: thrifted $5, Belt: thrifted $1, Shoes: Swap Meet in AZ $7

I guess it doesn't really look like I did much to this dress.
But I did take in the sides, the sleeves, and took up the hem.
Just in case you wondering.

I've said this before, but for the new comers, just a little fun fact about me,
I don't really like summer, and I don't usually like spring because spring tends to lead to summer. 
Oh how the world works like that ;)
But you guys, I'm actually kind of excited for spring.
I'm starting to explore using more colors, like that belt and those vibrant shoes.
I think this spring will be full of experiments and colors.
And maybe, just maybe, I'll grow towards liking summer too.
Let's hope for it :)
My wonderful, crafty grammy made these earrings for me.
I love the color. And I love her even more.


  1. I usually hate spring because of allergies, haha. :3 But despite that, I'm also really excited for spring because of all of the color and floral! :D

    I'm actually trying to alter a thrifted dress myself... I am finding it a biiit difficult, but hopefully I'll be able to figure it out. I'm always inspired by your alterations/refashioning. :)

    - Caroline (

  2. You're just so cute!

    Love the dress - wish I knew how to take in and hem... or even sew for that matter! Great job!

  3. love your dress and shoes!

  4. You made it look so great! SOOO CUTE!

  5. don't worry i noticed. and i'm loving the shoes. bright belts are my FAVORITE as well. thanks for sharing your cute stuff. lots of great inspiration for me!

  6. Super cute! i love refashioning dresses! That floral print is so gorgeous :)

  7. i may just swoon over every single outfit post you do.

  8. those shoes!.... swap meet? really? i wonder if they have swap meets in MI? i need to get myself to one asap!


  9. I love your shoes! They look so perfect with the dress. And you definitely improved that dress :)

  10. You could not be any cuter! This dress is so amazing!!

    Meet Virginia Design

  11. Those green shoes are to DIE for. Love them!!

  12. Summer is the best! Except that it's too hot to layer, which is a bummer.

    I love what you did with that dress! You have a good eye!

    North Meets South

  13. Wow, I love how you can reconstruct anything. This floral dress is adorable and I love the bright colored accents like that shoe.

    Actually I'm trying to figure out how to take in sleeves of a dress that is sorta like the sleeves on your dress in this outfit. By chance could you let me know how you did it? =)

    -Erin (

  14. I love what you did to the dress :)
    and I'm so inspired...i buy clothes from thrift shops too and a lot of times they don't fit me. i have a "to be altered/reconstructed" pile waiting for me to have the time and skill to do so. now that i see that you do it all the time, I'm so much more excited to get into it!

  15. love what you did with this dress and it's perfect with the gray tights and green shoes!! so cute you little thrifting queen! we're trying to be thrifting queens too - come see the thrift challenge we're making each other do- we need tips from you!!


  16. Uh, LOVE what you did with this dress - so cute on you!

  17. We wanted to let you know that we awarded you the "Versatile Blogger Award"! We love your blog! You can read about it here:

    Erin and Caroline (

    P.S. The new header is so cute!

  18. Those shoes are fantastic!


  19. I had a dress just like this at age 6! It had shoulder pads, though, and a terrible lace bib on top-- it was the early 90's and it was probably a 80's second-hand find by my mom. Love it with the shoes!

  20. AHH LOVE! That dress is so cute. I love how just bringing the hem up on dress or skirts makes it look totally different and cute!


  21. love these shoes!
    -don't worry about your mom genes...they might not kick in till you have your very own kids...mine didn't. i've never done well with "other people's kids"-