March 4, 2011

My camera is dumb.

I seriously took like 30 photos and they ALL look different.
Super weird lighting. Super bright or super dark.
I did my best to find similar photos to post.
Shirt: thrifted $4, Skirt: thrifted $3, Belt: thrifted $1, Shoes: Target $20, Tights: Forever21, Socks: mom's
These photots were super bright so I just took down the brightness and up'd the contrast.
I thought they looked kinda cool.

Wish I had a really cool camera.
But I don't.
So you live with what cha got :)


  1. I looove that you wear tights with socks! It's such a cute look. :)

    - Caroline (

  2. i could teach you how to use your camera and make your pictures more consistent. but that would entail you actually listening to me talk about cameras. which i'm sure you dont want. hah.

  3. Awesome print mixing going on here! And I agree with Caroline- tights with socks is a VERY cute look. =)


  4. Aaaah love the skirt and blouse here. Love everything!


  5. your outfit is adorable. seriously. and i love your hair!

  6. I love that you paired socks with open toed wedges and tights! I never thought of that but I loved it.


  7. one question: can i have your hair? just for like a couple days. no biggie, right?
    also your clothes are cute. i enjoy the mix and match.