May 16, 2011

My Weekend.

I've had a couple bloggers ask me to talk about my college experiences.
Well here you have it you guys, these are pictures from my weekend. 
Enjoy :)

Friday night: dance parties with the roomies.
Saturday: hike.
I was the 7th wheel guys.
Me and a bunch of couples...
It was still fun though.
My brother and his fiance!! Aren't they cute?
I'm 3rd wheel with them all the time, but I don't mind.
I wuv them lots :)

Sunday I just went to church and I didn't even take a picture of my outfit...

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!
Did you do anything fun?


  1. i envy your weekend! haha mine was spent in the library and this whole week my nose will still be in books :(

  2. looks like you have a lot of fun! Isn't rexburg great right now. about time right?!

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  3. I'm always the third wheel. Haha! A hike looks so fun right now!!

  4. Dear Katherine,
    You're adorable. :)
    I love your blog so very much. Keep being awesome.

  5. sounds like an awesome weekend girly!
    my weekend was good too! it was a warm beautiful night and my friend and i scooter raced our other two friends all over town. best night ever. :]

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  7. looks like a fabulous weekend!!

  8. Haha so cute! You guys look like you had a blast! :)

  9. I. ENVY. YOU. I wish I were in college.
    I spent my friday night making a 5 minute video of myself eating waffles.