May 21, 2011

I'm awkward.

Shirt: forever 21, Skirt: made by me, Belt&Boots: thrifted

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.
I've been pretty busy with school and such.
Oh, and I've gone on a couple dates this week :)
With a new boy I'm pretty fond of.
We'll see what happens my friends, we'll see.

I'm awkward guys.
These pictures are for your enjoyment.
You're welcome.
Have a wonderful weekend!! :)


  1. Love the skirt. you are so cute. and awkward. i love it.

  2. you are adorable! i've happened across your blog a few times here and there and just today realized you live the the burg, too! (it's the place to be:) i'm a fellow thrifting lover. is this your first semester here? i hope your liking it!

  3. well it's a true art to be awkward and lovely at the same time though, isn't it? :)

  4. i love how you mixed florals and stripes!! sooo cute! i just found your blog the other nigh and i ADORE it!!! i am one of your newest followers :) you have the cutest outfits ever in the world! haha. i would love for you to come and check out my

  5. I love this outfit! I love the pairing of the stripes and floral!
    I feel like all of my photos are awkward photos. I need to learn to pose.

  6. As a curly myself, I appreciate a good hair day every now and again...that said, all that curl you have going on, is proof of an EXCELLENT hair day. :)
    I'm a new(ish) follower, love your style!

  7. I love this outfit! Especially that shirt. And I want to hear more about these dates. ;)

  8. You are so cute. How do you wear a skirt ALL THE TIME!? Question: Do you even OWN a pair of sweats?! haha

    Love ya!

  9. Haha. I'd say you rock the awkward look. As soon as I saw the skirt I thought "That print is awesome.. I bet she made it." And you did! You're amazing.


  10. You may think you're awkward, but we all think you're smokin.

    Ask the Duplex

  11. I'm a fool for mixing patterns! I'm your newest follower!

    A plus,
    Driftwood and Daydreams

  12. I love that you're awkward-- I am never going to outgrow my awkwardness, but hopefully I'll eventually master the art of cute awkwardness!

    Also, I just nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award over on my blog. I feel so (again) awkward leaving this sort of comment, but it's here!