May 14, 2011

Yup, I'm beyond pale.

dress, sweater, belt: thrifted, shoes: forever 21, gift

I'm ridiculously pale.
My roommates are having a contest for who can get the tannest. I already lost. I DON'T tan. At all. I stay white year round. You could probably catch some rays off of my legs.
My brother's fiance even said: "I  know I'm pale, but then I look at Katherine's legs and I don't feel so bad about mine anymore."
But, I mean, porcelain skin is hott, right? ;)

It's beautiful here in Rexburg.
I went hiking this morning and it was just perfect.
I'll post pictures later.

Hope you lovelies are having a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Don't worry, I'm exactly like you. I can't tan. The sun just reflects off my skin.

    I just tell myself it's hot too ;)


  2. I love your shoes! They are adorable.

  3. Porcelain is beautiful! Both my sisters have that kind of skin. :) Tonights the last chance to enter my giveaway! I'd love it if you entered!

  4. You look sooo good in this outfit :) I need a floral dress...

  5. I love pale skin. I think it's sexy. Then again I'm so pale a friend told me I probably glow in the dark. I got a tan once and only 1 person noticed. lol.

  6. Porcelain is beautiful, plus paler skin means healthier skin :) You're beautiful!

  7. I love this outfit! I'm super pale too...and my legs NEVER EVER get sun, lol.

  8. Such an adorable outfit -- and I love that you were able to thrift so much of it! The print on your dress is lovely, and those shoes are fantastic!

    By the way, I too have ridiculously pale skinl. I worked for an entire summer as a camp counselor after college, and was outside for more than 6 hours a day. Did I develop a tan? Nope! The plus side? I always wear the same color of foundation, regardless of the season!

  9. I read in a make up book by Bobbi Brown that whatever feature you have that is unique you should accentuate it. I have pale skin too. But you know what? unlike all those sun worshipers I'm not going to have wrinkles when I'm old.

  10. I bet I'm paler than you, lol. But seriously, it totally works on you.

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  11. I'm from Australia and we have drummed into us that the only safe tan is a fake one... and pale skin is hot. You'll age well! The only reason I'm bronzed in summer is from a spray tan. :-)
    Hannah xo

  12. that´s quite funny... I was just recently chatting with my friend from Hong Kong who told me that she doesn´t want to get tanned and that she is trying to stay white which is quite difficult and it always take the whole winter to get back to white... :D and here everybody wants to get tanned ;)

  13. I have probably already said this but cute cute cute shoes! :) They're so perfect with this outfit.

    - Lauren

  14. It's kind of frustrating that people (in the US especially, as far as I can tell) treat paleness as a disadvantage of some sort, as if being paler than someone else is something to be ashamed of. I think you're lovely and I'm jealous of your super fair skin.