January 19, 2011

Boring blue sweatshirt? Add some ruffles.

 Exhibit A: Blue Sweatshirt.
Exhibit B: extra fabric from this skirt makeover.

 Exhibit C: Add Ruffles to Blue Sweatshirt.
Outfit Details:
Sweatshirt: Walmart, $5
Dress(worn as skirt): thrifted, $5
Belt: thrifted, $1
Tights: Christmas
Boots: $4

I know I'm wearing way too much blue and probably shouldn't wear a sweatshirt with a dress... But I am so comfortable. So whateves :)

Day Five: not wearing any pants.

I've had a ton of questions about my hair and someone asked for a tutorial...
What's your vote?


  1. i LOVE this sweatshirt idea!!! you know i love a fabulous shoulder detail! seriously, its so great! and YES on the hair tute!


  2. What a neat idea! I love you how you reinvented that sweater with the ruffles. So CUTE!

  3. Could you please come teach me how to sew? My mom is an expert, but I didn't inherit that or take advantage of it when I lived at home. :( Guess what I did!? Went to target and got those blue tights. AND went to a thrift store and found a fabulous skirt (that needs some tlc). Call me a copy cat, but I'm pretty excited. And just so I can be a bit more creepishly like you, yes to hair tutorial!