January 25, 2011

No pants re-cap.

Sorry that I didn't post a seventh no pants post.
I had to go to Idaho for a funeral and I wore a dress to the funeral, but with the weekend being so busy, I didn't take a picture of my outfit.
But since I wore a skirt the day before the "no pants week" started, I'm just going to count it.
You guys okay with that?
Alright, I'll take that silence as a yes :)

There you have it.
Not wearing any pants: donezo.

Extra Bonus.
An outfit post.

Blouse: thrifted, $4
Sweater: thrifted, $4
Shorts: thrifted, $3
Belt: thrifted, $0.55
Tights(underneath): WalMart, $5
Tights(on top): Christmas gift
Shoes: gift

If you guys are wondering, yes, I layer tights.
Especially the ones where you can see my legs underneath.
I'm SUPER pale and I feel awkward when you can see my legs...
I know, I'm weird.


  1. that outfit is super cute AND cheap! what a great way to kick off the ability to ditch the skirt :)

  2. I double up my tights just because it's cold outside and I refuse to give up wearing dresses for the cold! (:

  3. you are extra cute! that is what you are!


  4. I am seriously lusting over your day 3 outfit- I want it all!

    And the recent outfit? Adorable. Love the green shorts. And I layer my tights all the time - gotta keep warm!


  5. i have some kind of netting/web tights that i always layer over another (usually bright) pair of tights.

    i'm inspired to wear pants less often! i have so many pairs of cute tights and skirts to show off, why not?! :)

  6. LOVE day 3 and day 7! You are too cute! Love ya!

  7. Great job on the pantsless week! I kinda dropped the bomb on that...hmmm. Let's blame it on the sickness! I just headed for sweats and jeans!

  8. Girl you are too stinking cute! Love all the combos you came up with and all the fun colored tights! Pretty much can I just be you? ;)! Loves!



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