August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Little Blog Baby.

dress & belt: thrifted, undershirt: rue21

This little blog of mine just turned two. It's crazy how time flies. It's amazing looking back and seeing what has changed in my life over these two little years on this blog. I'm grateful for the opportunities and people that I have met through this experience. I feel really blessed and loved. I love blogging and documenting what I wear and what I'm doing in life. I started this blog to show others and even myself that style CAN be obtained cheaply. I'll admit, I'm a cheapskate. But I've found so many ways to recreate and to use my sources. Thank you to all of you who have stuck around here. I know that I'm not the most consistent blogger and I appreciate all of the love and support from those who read Thrifted Things. It's been such an adventure and thanks for riding along with me. Thank you, kind readers of blogs.


  1. Happy Birthday to thrifted things!

  2. happy birthday little blog! so happy to have found you :)

  3. Wow! Happy birthday Thrifted Things ! I'm so glad that I stumbled upon you !
    Way to go Katherine! Keep sharing that wonderful thrifted style! It's an inspiration!

  4. I love your blog!!!! Keep on bloggin!